Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Internet - no VKIA

Apologies to all subscribers who must have thought I'd gone off in a Huff!
Just lost my Internet Connection for two full days.
I hope no-one suffered any mishap or damage during the recent very impolite rains!
SO pleased to be back on line. 
Keep the emails coming.
Thank you, 

Great Recommendation - Car Repairs etc.

We have just taken our car into the Ford Worskshop (next to the showroom) in El Morche. (Autos Taller El Morche.Tel. 95 253 0069.  Km 194 - next to the Hotel) 

We have taken it for an annual service.
We then took it for a host of repairs of after we were side-swiped and, this week for another annual "revisión", pre ITV check and asked them to do the ITV trip as well. (Luxury!!)
Each and every time we have received exemplary service with excellent workmanship - all at a very reasonable price.
We mostly communicate in Spanish but there is a mechanic there who speaks fairly good English. Highly recommended.


CAMPO needs Help please

CAMPO currently have two requests for help:
1. For our forthcoming production of Aladdin we need a lot of bling for his Cave. 

If you are in the Competa area and you have any unwanted or broken costume jewellery can you kindly drop it off for us in Todo Papel as soon as possible?
2. We also need some storage/garage space to store our scenery and props in the Competa area. It must be dry, secure and have vehicle access. 

If anyone knows of anywhere suitable for a low rent (or better still for free as we are a fund raising group for local causes and need to minimise our expenditure) please email our Chair, Pat Kirkbright, on email: patkirkbright @

Phoenix Club

'The Phoenix Club
On the 31st October we have a Line Dancing Evening at El Trapiche in aid of Help4Heroes.  So dust off your stetsons, polish up your boots and come along for an evening of fun and laughter.  

The price of €10pp includes a cowboy supper of either sausages, beanz and a baked spud or chilli con carne with a baked spud. 
The time?  7pm for 7.30.

Bookings being taken for our Christmas shopping trips to Gib on the 14th December, leaving Algarrobo (Lidl) at 08.30.  €10pp, Children under 12 come for 1/2 price and payment on booking please.  Passports essential.

A reminder that The Phoenix Club returns to their winter times of 12noon until 2pm.  
You can find us at the restaurant above Supersol in Torre del Mar every Tuesday, unless a National holiday.

We raise funds annually for AVISA, the Interpreters Association at the Comarcal Hospital and Help4Heroes in the UK.
For more info on any of our events or to book please call Gail on 951067723, email or catch us on the web -

Winter Fuel Allowance

Recent newspaper articles indicate that there is a new EU ruling, the result of which is that many more UK pensioners resident abroad will now be able to claim this allowance. 
The Government is fighting the ruling.
The articles say that the allowance does have to be claimed and that there is a deadline of 31/3/13 to do so. However they don't say how and where the claim should be made. 

Does anyone have any further info. on this please. 

(Editor Writes : I've heard from a friend that one goes to the website for  the Department for Work & Pensions. There's a Winter Fuel Payment form to download and print. (11 pages)

Any other advice welcome.

Engineer needed for Calor Gas Heater

Can anyone assist please. 
I am looking for a qualified engineer/company to service a calor gas heater ready for winter.
Please contact; kevin.greensmith @
(Ed. Share with us all - copy to : )

Viveros Florena

Please remember as of 2nd October we change to winter hours, 10am until 4pm
The rain has arrived and we've lots of new stock in ready for autumn planting!!  

Some fabulous citrus trees, big climbers, lots of flowers for pots and unusual herbs like lemon grass, cardamon plants, purple chillies, orange mint and chocolate mint!
Lots of free advice, as always.
Lorraine Cavanagh, Viveros Florena, Competa, Malaga, Spain.
Horas de verano:    9 - 2. Summer hrs: 9 - 2.
Horas de invierno: 10 - 4. Winter hrs: 10 - 4.
Cerrado los domingos y los lunes. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Tel:     00 34 689928201

Missing Cat - please help

Missing from Canillas de Albaida since Wednesday 26th September
Last seen near Ermita Santa Ana Calle Agua a black and white cat with brown flea collar. 

Nearly all black with white paws and white streak down his nose.
His name is Spats and his sister Tallulah is missing him desperately.  

He is a very friendly young cat only 1 year old. 
He does not usually disappear as he loves his food.
He is chipped.
Please if you have seen him or know if there has been any accident involving an animal of his description could you please contact Kate Morris on 952 553070 as soon as  possible.
Thank you

Tamarillo Plants please

Anyone knows where I can buy Tamarillo plants in the  Torre del Mar area. Helmut.  
Please post it here :-

Gibraltar Trip Thursday anyone ?

There are still a couple of seats left on the 
RBL Torre Del Mar's trip to Gibraltar next Thursday 4 October.
 Picking up at
 Hotel Romero 07.00
 El Cruce 07.15
 Torre Bus Station 07.25
 Algarrobo Lidl 07.35
 Please contact Merryll on 664 224 062 to book or the social booking line 663 658 354.
 Come and join us for a laugh and a great day out!......................

Car Top Box for Sale

Large Car Top Box 95 € ono
 Thule Adventurer Top Box

 225cm x 65cm x 35cm . 
Holds up to 50kg fits skis easily. 
Good condition 
95€ ono
Sedella 951 067 758 
Dave at savoir-faire-consult dot com

Jewellery Repairs

If the lady who was asking about jewellery repairs is still looking, 
please email rothwellyn @ 

Huge Sale in the Viñuela Area

                   FOR SALE. Vinuela Area.
 Phone 634 338 952 or email wotsapnin @ for pics.

 Measurements are in inches. H = Height, W = Width, D = Depth

 Corner Unit. Dark wood, good condition. 72H, 36W. €50
 TV Table. Light wood, good condition. 34H, 32W, 16D. €20.
 Cupboard and 7 drawers. Light wood. 30H, 46W, 18D. €15.
 Imitation indoor plants. Dark green. 40H. €10 each or €15 for both.
Rocking chair. Fabric covered. Clean condition. €15.
 Phone table. Dark wood. 24H, 20W, 14D. €5.
 Small table 2 drawers, bow legs. 26H, 16W, 12D. €5
 Pair of matching shelf units. Light wood. 79H, 31W, 12D. At present they are fixed together side by side and one has lower shelves converted to a computer station. Cost €39 each. The pair as is for €50.
 Wire veggie rack in white. 4 shelves. On castors. 30H, 15W, 12D. €5.
 Shelf unit. Light wood. 8 adjustable shelves. 79H, 32W, 11D. €25.
Dog basket fire grate. In 3 pieces. Very heavy. 20H, 24W, 14D. €50
Desk chair on 5 castors, repaired but safe. Adjustable height. €5.
Fire guard. Metal, painted black. Heavy. 29H, 29W. €10
CD rack, wood, floor standing, 27H. €3.
Cube, 4 shelf unit. IKEA. White wood. 31H, 31W, 16D. €10.
Bathroom seat and storage. 2 off. White plastic. IKEA. €5 each.

Dry Cleaning Services

 I don't know a good dry-cleaners around Competa, and at the moment I use the Axarquia Tintoreria in Torre del Mar, in the little plaza opposite Cafe Pastor. I would recommend them absolutely, and I think it's worth the trip for someone I can trust with my best dresses!

Try the Lavanderia just up the hill from the hotel Balcon, on the way to Cortijo Paco. 

I believe that Mari-Trini at the Lavanderia takes dry cleaning. Not sure of the address, as I don't  live in Competa, but if you go past the Hotel Balcon as if you were going to Cortijo Paco, it's just around the corner as you pass the end of the goat track. Lynne

There isnt a dry cleaner in /around Competa as far as I know , the launderette close to the hotel will take in and send it  to the coast ..... obviously this is not cheap tho !!!!
k x

Other Points of View

Come on Paul, lighten up. As the Editor says, if you have something good to say then why not share it? It might help many and I'm sure would delight the editor of this blog.
One person can't but a whole bunch of people MIGHT know it all!

To Critique -Paul Brookes.
I for one would like to thank the Editor for the unpaid time and work that she puts into the blog, information call it what you like and feel that your comments are a bit on the
personal side, blimey mate you must have been having a bad day when you wrote that lot!!!. Not sure if you will read this comment as you will have probably have used the
unsubscribe link by now, we all have the choice of reading or not reading, commenting or not commenting but all in all I think she does OK for "no pence an hour", not sure how many people out there do something for nothing, I for one would be interested in reading your blog if you have one.
Jim McCann in Competa for 16 years.   
Please check out my web site for Latest Movies.

First, I couldn't believe that you would think of publishing the insolent diatribe from one Paul Brookes who claims to have been in Competa for 15 years. Then I realised your need to inform the rest of the Competa inhabitants of this modest person, with much to be modest about. 

The likes of which never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge. Obviously the kind of person that has no enemies but is intensely disliked by his friends. Perhaps a kindling of delusions of adequacy in there?
Then again, he could have been in his cups and there may be an apology winging its way through the ether as I type....
 Keep up the good work, pueblo-gossip,
Keith Hallam, Vinuela (5 months)

Dear Editor
In reply to Paul Brookes uncalled for tirade, and your very polite way of answering, I would like to add my comments in support of the Village Know it All.
The Village Know it All only produces the information which its readers contribute and requests, and should Mr Brookes feel it is not producing enough informative information, why does he not supply such information himself, or the alternative, he is always free to start up his own "blog".  

 I feel the VKIA is a very good source of information for the area in all aspects and without wanting to appear extremely rude to Mr Brookes, as the editor rightly puts it, there is always the option to unsubscribe, or has Mr Brookes been unable to find out how to do this.   Keep up the good work  VKIA.
Brian J Turner
Puente don Manuel

Sorry you received such a rude letter from P.Brookes. 

I for one enjoy reading your newsletter and if I had any comment to make would always do so in a polite manner after al,l you are providing us all with a free service and that deserves, at the very least, gratitude and congratulations.
I always consider the rude to have been badly brought up or to be off their medications and to be avoided where possible. I will make no further comment on P.Brookes - as I would be unable to be polite! Congratulations on your nicely measured response.
And a big Thank You for all you do!

Regards M.Morton

Might I suggest that before undertaking an adverse critical stance against VKIA, Mr Brookes learns how to approach the correct use of  spelling and punctuation? He would make his dubious position at least legible.
I have been very pleased with the information-sharing, chatty format and would like to thank everyone who replied to my plea for garden help. 

This has resulted in invaluable contacts and I send special thanks to Lyn.

Editor Writes: Thanks to all of you who responded in a positive manner (I haven't included the really vituperative email reactions.)
Let's leave it all there now and go on to  make the VKIA really informative and helpful - share what you know and ask what you don't!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Just went to go out and a small maroon car was parked up our track, near Cruz del Monte towards the Casa la Mina Hotel, 
(English registration plates starts with V64 ????),
Two youngish men, sitting looking at the villas. 
They drove off when they saw us but then stopped to look at villas below us on the track further down. 
We, like others around here, were burgled around Christmas and it's known that thieves tend to come back if they had good pickings.
Everyone should be on the look out for this car, just in case,.

They looked so suspicious we didn't then go out.
I & K

Gas Bottles and Locations....

Hi .
First can we remind people that the Q8 garage Cómpeta  (the only petrol station in the area - use it or loose it ?) now sells refills for both orange and aluminium gas bottles. Very handy .
Second please ask your correspondents to state where they are geographically when asking for help or selling things ... it is difficult to assess whether it is worth making contact if you don´t know (roughly ) where the item is in relation to where to you live .
Sorry not a complaint , just an observation from an avid subscriber

David (daviddotgrainger58atgmaildotcom)

(Both points well made David, Thank you.  Ed)


Dear mr/mrs/ms  village no it all
If  you are going to run an information blog with a name you thrust into unsuspecting clients as " know it all",which you certainly don't  why is there no real information about whats really going on in the area like  new changes in the town hall new rules the Spanish implement on a whim that affect us all etc etc all you are doing is  running is  stupid tittle tat, cars for sale chairs for sale and post office sagas. If you are the editor which you sign your self as, then why not stand by your convictions and put your name to it, what are you scared of ?
Paul Brookes
for 15 years

A response
Dear Sir,
I don't call myself The Village Know it All. 

I chose that name for the Blog, which I created in the hope that people would use it as a vehicle for communicating with others, and for providing information to others in the wider area.
 I merely act as co-ordinator and, occasionally, proof-reader - tasks that most people accept are the function of an Editor. 
It would be so helpful to us all if you felt able to send details of the Spanish  initiatives which have caused you so much anxiety & inconvenience.
I rely on such correspondents for some of the content and am happy to acknowledge them.

Alternatively, there is the daily option to Unsubscribe from the VKIA news feeds.
Best wishes, 

I remain, The Editor.

Dry-Cleaner Needed please

Does anyone know of a dry cleaners in or around Cómpeta please?
Responses to

Fire Basket for Sale

Dog basket fire grate. 
Three separate pieces.
Very robust. 

Very heavy. 
Complete with a few logs.
Vinuela area, 

634 338 952

Update to Non-Resident Tax Returns

A small update on non-residents tax submissions.   
'Self-assessment' returns now have to be initially filed direct on line on the AEAT site using the online Form 210, and once that is done they are then directly"saved" into the AEAT database. At same time, a unique receipt reference number is then issued to acknowledge "filing" of the return , with copies of the completed self-assessment form(s) also made available to one by the site (with the unique reference number on them) which can then be saved and/or printed and used to pay in the bank in normal way.  
There are a number of other payment options too including transferring monies in from an institution abroad etc..  the old paper 210 forms and the NIE identification "stickers" are no longer available from Hacienda.   
 Interrogating the AEAT site in search of 210 form etc. seems to work best under Internet Explorer and may require downloading of a small executable file (configuradorAEAT.exe) which is associated with site security certificates I think.  
 Managed to pay our due non-residents tax this morning in bank, so the new 'system' does work. 

Dresser Furniture for Sale

Spanish dresser for sale. 
Similar to a Welsh dresser! 3 drawers, 3 cupboards, 3 shelves.
82 inch high, 52 inch wide, 16 inch deep. 

Comes in 2 pieces. 
About 30 years old.
Nice piece of furniture to show off your china and hide your clutter.

 €70 ono.
Vinuela area, 634 338 952

House Cleaning

Hello, To all you good Folk that replied on 952030005 to help clean our house and maintain same, due to an unexpected medical situation we have delayed appointing help for just a few more days,
Thank you    MR

Ryanair Fined another €930

Ryanair has been given a €930 fine for refusing to allow a child without a DNI Identity Card to board a flight on August 15.
This is considered to be a failing to meet the National Security Program, because children under 14 accompanied by their parents do not need identification.
The fine is made up by €600 for the ‘moral damage’ caused and the rest is the cost of the families forced trip to their destination in Sevilla.
It was enforced by the Judge in Mercantile Number One in Valencia. 

The sentence is final and will be transferred to Ryanair who have no right to appeal.
The Consumers Union say that they have other similar cases pending.

Daily Telegraph reports on (homeless) British couple

The Telegraph newspaper in the U.K. has picked up on the situation of British couple Len and Helen Prior who became the first British homeowners to see their house in Vera, Almería, demolished.
They have now been living for four and a half years in the garage.
There was a licence from the local town hall but the Andalucía regional government considered the house to have been built illegally. A year after the demolition the Spanish
Constitutional Court ruled that the demolition had been carried out illegally, but the Prior’s have not received any type of compensation.
The Priors have three children and already accumulated €150,000 in legal bills in their fight for compensation and a legal licence to rebuild their home.
The Prior’s, who are both 68 years old, have one more chance and it is to sue the Spanish Judiciary, as it was a judge who signed the demolition law, a decision which the Constitutional Court later ruled as illegal.
Earlier this month they travelled to Madrid to file the case against the Judiciary, and now a court date is awaited.
Helen Prior told the Telegraph, ‘It’s our last hope but we have been warned it would a ground-breaking case’. She said ‘The Spanish Authorities just hope that we will give
and go home, but we won’t give up, we can’t’.

Spanish Budget Day

The State Budget for 2013 was presented in Congress Thursday under the threat of another rescue, and the cuts and the debt will once again make the budget more

 It’s being described as the most austere budget since the democracy.
 It comes under close attention of Brussels and with second rescue for the Spanish  economy possible.
It’s predicted that spending will be reduced by some €40 billion -  an amount more or less equal to the interest the Government is paying on its debt. 

In comparison last year a budget cut of was €27.3 billion
The Budget for 2013 will have a ceiling of €126.762 billion

Various Ministries will see cuts in their budgets of 12.2%. 

It ranges is from 4% in Justice and 30% in Agriculture. 
Staff in the Ministries will see a 4% cut in wages.
The Development Ministry will reduce investment in infrastructures by 22%.
The cabinet is also to announce new taxes, such as new green taxes.
The Government are to freeze the wages of Civil Servants for the third year, but public employees will see a return to the extra Christmas payment. 

All news from

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snails Please!

Calling Aquarium Owners
Does anyone have a surfeit of snails in their aquarium please?
We really, really need a few.
Call 616 5300 71

Electricity Suppliers in Spain

Has anyone changed their Energy Supplier here in Spain (Electricity) ?
How did you do it ? 

A Comparison Website or other way? and 
What  has been your experience overall?

VW Golf for Sale

Golf 1.8 petrol three door hatchback. 
Spanish registration. 
 ITV until Feb 2013. 
Five gears. 
Runs well and body work is sound but the paint is rather sun damaged. 
Welcome to call/e-mail for more info. Stephen on 952115179 or seyres at yahoo dot co dot uk

Pigeons please

Has anyone been able to buy pigeon meat in Spain please?


Málaga is on yellow alert today(Wednesday)  for rain of up to 40 litres per square metre over twelve hours. 
The alert is issued by the Spanish Meteorological Agency, AEMET.
The district of Ronda, Málaga City and the Guadalhorce Valley will be most affected.
AEMET says there will a temperature drop in the Málaga with 22º Centigrade as a high and 19º as a low.
Across Spain there are 14 provinces on alert for rain, which can be locally heavy or persistent in Andalucía, and the Pyrenees.
Strong winds will face the Baleares, Cantabria, and the Almería Costa where there will be high waves.
High waves are also forecast for Asturias, Cantabria, the Granada coast, Almería, La Coruña, Lugo, Pontvedra, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.
News from

Editor writes:-
Bookmark this site for your LOCAL  weather forecasts - this is for Competa, but you can select your own village

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chair for Sale

 Parker Knoll chair fully refurbished; new springs; new foams. Woodwork re-polished. 
Re-upholstered in washable fabric.
Complete with arm caps, zipped seat cushion and additional slip-on seat cover. 
Hey........and only €129
Phone Michael's Upholstery on 952 55 3464

And... the Gas Men Called.......

The dodgy gas fitters just called at a house near Vinuela. 
Warn everyone that they are in the valley this week. 
Their car reg M2760 PZ.

Items for Sale

I would be pleased if you would insert the following advert
Apelson 2000w oil filled radiator  30 €
Brethern 750/1500/2000w convector  20€
Mattress toppers  90 x 190 cm  2 & 25€ each
Buyer collects from Puente Don Manuel
Contact  636 945 824

Information please about the Cómpeta Swimming Pool

What I would like to know is does anyone know if the swimming pool in Cómpeta open the week commencing 17th December?
Many thanks

Responses to

Subscribing to our Blog

Editor Writes:-
I recently received an email from British Residents who have their very own Place in the Sun in our area.
Although they don't spend all  year here, they asked if they could sign up for our Blog - so here's my reply.
Feel free to pass on the information to your friends who may spend a lot of time in other countries but like to keep in touch.
Hi Folks!
How lovely to hear from you!
Anyone in the world can join the mailing list BUT they have to do it themselves -  this is to stop me signing up George Clooney etc.etc.
Just go to
On the top right hand side there is a box labelled Subscribe.
Put your email address in there and then do what it tells you.
You'll get an email in your box for you to confirm that you really, really do want to subscribe.
Feel free to send me any items for inclusion in the Blog- I normally complete the input for  the following day around 4pm.

Spanish Architects Design for the World

Architects from Málaga are to design a new city in Russia. 
With the crisis taking away new building projects in Spain, the architects have started look abroad. 
Many find work for new homes and buildings in the European Union, but few can be called on to design a whole town.
It will hold 35,000 inhabitants in 10,000 new homes, with the investment cost of 2 billion €.
There will be a university, stadium, colleges, hotels, parks and commercial centres.
The Málaga Studio HCP has its plans accepted or proposed in 43 countries. 

Spanish technicians are highly valued in the outside world, more than those from other countries.
HCP has just finished a project in an Iraq hospital, and in June they opening an office in Nigeria.

Airlines brought to Heel

Iberia cannot cancel the return leg of your journey if you did not use the outward ticket.
Mercantile Court number 12 in Madrid has ruled that three clauses in the Iberia contract are ‘abusive’. 

The judge also said she did not agree with the passenger using another company to return, or having to modify their ticket.
She said it was ‘abusive’ if the airline assumed no responsibility for when a connecting flight is missed.
The case came following a denuncia from the OCU, the Consumers’ and Users Organisation. Last year the OCU made a series of demands against other companies such as Spanair, Vueling, and Ryanair.
In first two of those companies the judge obtained a favourable announcement on 15 abusive clauses.
The case against Ryanair will be on October 24.
News from

Sunday, September 23, 2012

English Setter Found

This English Setter was handed in to us at TAIL today. 
He had been found a week ago in Torre del Mar. 
He does not have a chip, is approximately 9 months old. 
Does anyone know his owners.
Please phone Sue on 952 53 93 70 Mobile 629 501 173

Tom Ferber

Tom was one of those special people who always found time to deal with you even when he was up to his eyes in other things. 
One of life´s gentlemen who will be sorely missed. 
His work with the community of Cómpeta was an example to everyone and was reflected in the cross section of people who attended his funeral and the sheer emotion of the service.
 Our hearts go out to Gwen.
Katherine and Ian Paterson

Beware the Asian Hornet Invasion Killing Beehives

We have a beehive and were aware that huge, immigrant hornets were attacking hives in the Sayalonga-Canillas area.
They are too large to enter the hive but gather around it at nightfall - picking off each honeybee as it returns "home" for the  night
As an example - we found this hornet last night.

It is 3 cm long - three times the size of a normal wasp.
Twilight Vigilance is needed               

Response about Specsavers

Re Specsavers:
Have now been several times. 

Can’t speak too highly of them wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! 
Staff in the shop are very helpful and if not British, speak English very well. 
They have all the same offers as in the UK and an excellent selection of frames.
Once selected, the lenses are ordered from the UK and then fitted into the frames that were chosen by you. 
This generally takes about 2 weeks. 
They will call you once they are ready, or you can give them a call to make sure they are in, before you go. 
We generally combine at least one of the trips with a visit to ‘Iceland’ in Fuengirola!! 

Chest of Drawers for Sale

Chest of four drawers in good condition. 

Three foot wide, three foot high, one foot deep. 
Vinuela area. 

634 338 952

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Poem for Tom Ferber

This is the Poem for Tom by  Antonio Machado, which Gwen gave  me today,
.My own (poor) translation follows

He andado muchos caminos,
he abierto muchas veredas;
he navegado en cien mares
y atracado en cien riberas

Y en todas partes he visto
Gentes que danzan o juegan,

cuando pueden, y laberan
sus cuatro palmos de tierra
Nunca, si llegan a un sitio,

preguntan adónde  llegan.

Cuando caminan, cabalgan 

a lomos de mula vieja 
y no conocen la prisa
ni aun en los días de fiesta

Donde hay vino, beben vino;

donde no hay vino, agua fresca.

Son buenas gentes que viven,

laboran, pasan y sueñan
y en un dìa como tantos
Descansan bajo la tierra

Antonio Machado

I have walked many ways
I have opened many paths
I have sailed in one hundred seas
and tied up by a hundred river banks

And everywhere I have seen 

people who dance or play 
when they can, and labour on
their four hand-spans of earth
Never, if they arrive at a site, 

do they ask from whence they arrived. 

When they are in the campo, they ride
the back of an old mule
and they never know  haste,

not even for the fiestas

Where there is wine, they drink wine;
Where there is no wine, fresh water. 

They are good people who live,
toil, pass time and dream
and, in the days to come,
 like everyone of them
Rest under the Earth

Specsavers Anyone please ?

Information needed about Specsavers in Fuengirola and also a  Jewellers.

Has anyone used this Specsavers??

 How long did the glasses take to be made? 
Do they have to be collected??
Can anyone recommend a jewelers that can remove some links in a gold bracelet?

 I live in Cómpeta so one as close as possible please!
Any replies please to Debsandsean  @

El Pilon Sunday Lunches

Beginning this Sunday, September 23rd.  
Restaurante El Pilón will again be offering Sunday lunches from 1:00-3:30.  
Two courses for €10.50 or three courses for €13.50.  
Our terrace remains open through October.  
So come enjoy a Sunday lunch with outstanding views.  
To reserve a table please call: 952 553 512  

(Share you experiences of local restaurants - email

Motorbility Scooter Needed please

I am looking for a motobility scooter battery powered,
Must be in good condition and in good working order!!
Can collect.
Contact Rob mob. 634313809

Heating / Electrician Needed

We are looking for someone to change a heating element in a kitchen appliance we received from the UK, but packed up the first time we used it!
 Contact Louise Email: loueverson  @

Man's Cycle for Sale

Mens cycle for sale. 26" wheels.
 Unfortunately without a seat, it's special and I need it for my next bike.
18 gears. 

Complete with rear panniers. 
Not been used for a couple of months. 
Needs a little TLC. €20.

Vinuela area. 634 338 952

TV Stand for Sale

TV stand with drawer, shelf for DVD player and cupboard under. 
Good condition. €20
Vinuela area. 634 338 952

Furniture for Sale.

 Settee for sale very comfortable and clean.     40 euros.

Wall mounted glass table for study or kitchen.  40 euros.

Glass dining table plus 6 chairs.   150 euros.

or phone 677322169 to view.  


Friday, September 21, 2012

No apologies for reproducing this Cómpeta event for today ! Men in Fancy Dress!

Come and join us this Saturday, 22 September from 10 to 2, on the Paseo de Tradiciones , next to the central plaza in Cómpeta.
We have good news, a historical recreation society will be attending in full regalia! 
They even had to have permission from the Guardia Civil to travel with their muskets. 
This is a link to their site  
This will be a great chance to learn more about Spanish history in living colour and even have an opportunity to sign up as a member of their association and take part in future battles!
There will also be Yoga and Pilates workshops, a Zumba demonstration, a jive lesson, information about societies and charities in the area, and much more.
For more information please email

Free Home Made Cakes anyone ?

The Phoenix Club
We are having a Home Bake Sale on Tuesday 25th September at 12 noon.  

Lots of home baked goodies for your delectation and delight including steak and kidney pies, chicken, leek, and bacon pies (the Hairy bikers recipe). sausage rolls, scotch eggs, Barra Brith, too many to mention.
Why not pop in and bag a few?
We still have loads of fiction and non fiction paperbacks at 3 for 1€.  

Now that's a bargain!!
The Phoenix Club is a registered charity and raises funds for Help4Heroes in the UK and AVISA the Interpreters Association here in Torre del Mar.
For info on all our activities check out the website at, 

call Gail on 951067723 or email

Acoustic Roots Gig

Acoustic Roots are playing at the Teteria Hierbabuena in Competa this Sunday 23rd from 8.30pm. 
To reserve a table call 639 263310/610 742953 or just come along for a drink

Rajoy vs. Mas of Catalunia

The main story dominating the front pages of Friday's news is the difference in opinion between Mariano Rajoy and Catalan President, Artur Mas.
Mas wants independence for Cataluña, but Rajoy has refused that point black. 

ABC shows the two men meeting on the steps of the Moncloa, and has the headline ‘Mas hides his failure with new threats’.
 ABC has quotes from men heighted on front page as well.
Rajoy is quoted as saying ‘I have made it clear where the red lines are, and I only offer you better financing for the region’.
The quote from Mas is, ‘I’m not talking about independence but breaking the constitutional framework’.

All news from

iPhone Problem

With the new iPhone Apple announced they would be dropping Google Maps and starting their own service. 
El País new service shows serious errors, for example the Ebro river is now in Río de Janeiro, and the Costa Brava can be found in South Africa. 
Tom Tom, who supplied the maps, has denied all responsibility.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tom Ferber

Sadly missed by all that knew him.
They broke the mould when they made Tom.  
His ready smile, jokes and sartorial elegance. 
Cómpeta has lost a good friend to all Residents.
His good ideas for the village will still carry on.  
Translating;  Spanish classes; Intercambio; Guides for the Village and the Mountains. 
The list is endless and he did make a difference.
From Josephine Drew

Household Items for Sale

 1-      Televison  and storage unit             25 euro
2-      Telephone and book holder stand  25 euro
3-      Book case and drawer unit            25 euro(or all 3 for €60 )
4 -     Tumble dryer (used
only 3 times ) 150 euro (ono)
Competa campo area, contact on phone 633108366 

or e-mail s.mcquillin @  ( Scott or Val )


Small Trailer Needed please

I'm looking for a small trailer and also advice where I can get a tow bar fitted. 
Email: loueverson @

Geoff Murrell Gig

This Saturday, Sept 22nd, the versatile singer Geoff Murrell is at Meson Morisco in Sayalonga. 
The bar is now run by Spaniard, Rafael, so if you fancy trying somewhere new, why not come down to Sayalonga on Saturday and enjoy an evening in their beautiful plaza? 
If you’d like to book a table you can call Rafael on 722132573 or e-mail him at 
 As always, you are of course very welcome to just come along and enjoy drinks and music. Music from 8.30pm.

Largest Increase in Crime - Málaga!

Málaga has seen one the largest increases in crime in Spain. 
Only the Baleares has seen a greater rise in delinquency than the Costa del Sol.
A review from the General State Prosecutor’s Office said there was a great deal of organised crime when compared to places like Jaén or Melilla. The statement continued:
‘In the province of Málaga the organised crime manifests itself in economic crimes such as robberies and assaults on businesses or homes; drug trafficking; prostitution; massive frauds and certain cases of administrative corruption’.
‘The presence of a high number of foreign residents, which, in some occasions, have a greater population than the Spanish, the diversion of homes in urbanisations along the coast, and the opportunity to make money from real estate’ are some of the factors why, according to statement from the Fiscalia, ‘Málaga is an ideal place for the refuge of persons linked to criminal activity’.
The Costa del Sol is the main entry point in Spain and Europe for hashish

Business as Usual - even in Prison

Prison rules prohibit the use of mobile phones by inmates, but over the last year in the Alhaurín de la Torre Jail in Málaga, the inmates have been finding phones.
The workers in the jail say the frequency inhibitors do not work properly and they cannot be repaired because of a lack of money.
The man responsible for the CCOO union in prisons, Juan Carlos Blanco, warned on Wednesday that it could cause a grand security problem not only for jail, but across the country as well.
‘There are prohibited mobile phones in the possession of the inmates which are often used for drug trafficking operations, or mafia clan bosses can directed their business from the jail'.
The Prison Authority has said the civil servants have recovered 30 mobile phones in one day.
The CCOO union says that an excuse of no funds is not enough because, for full security, the frequency inhibitors should work properly.

Scotsman brought to Court

El País has an interesting article written by Natalia Junquera.
She tells the story of 59 year old Scotsman, Clifford Torrents, who bought a house in December 2009 with views in a quiet village, Ouviaño, Lugo.
He never thought he would be denounced and have to go to court.
The case was Thursday.
The reason he is in court is that he has been ordered to remove a plaque placed next to a fountain which reads,
‘Francisco Franco reigns’, as being the Mayor D. José Maria López, I inaugurate (this plaque) on the 24th of May 1953.
The current socialist mayor, José Manuel Braña, is the man who has denounced the Scotsman.
Clifford Torrents told El País,
‘It’s ridiculous, but given what they did to Garzón, and what has happened to (Francisco) Camps, now nothing surprises me’.
Clifford Torrents has an interesting background. He the son of a Catalan republican combatant, Juan Torrents, who changed his name to John Coleman when he went to serve in the British Army in the Second World War.
Clifford says he has already reached an agreement with a socialist councillor.

 He said ‘We shook hands and had a drink. That’s like signing a contract in my country’.
But the Mayor is denying that there is any permission from the Village Hall. 

He said ‘I told him that we would study it. I don’t know the minds of the people who placed the plaque. The Englishman (he should have said Scotsman) is not anybody to remove the plaque’. He then added an important detail – ‘I don’t speak English, and Clifford does not speak much Spanish’.
Clifford says there has been no linguistic misunderstanding, and he remembers that just before the last municipal elections, the Mayor went from door to door asking if they would like the plaque removed.

 There were nine votes for Clifford from 23 hamlets in the area which has a population of 200.
News from

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gardening Help Needed please

We need someone reliable to help maintain our garden in Los Eriales near Canillas de Albaida on a regular basis.
 If interested, call Lyn on 634315247.

Remembrances for Tom Ferber

We are very saddened to hear that Tom has passed away.
He was a lovely guy with a great character and he was a true gentleman.
We will miss his style and his immaculate appearance.
His assistance to all in the Competa area via the town hall was renowned.
He will be greatly missed.
Our thoughts go to Gwen and all of Tom's family.
xxx Deepest sympathies xxx
Keith & Sue from Canillas

That trademark hat around the village. I used to wonder whether he wore it in bed. 
Tom cared for Compéta and the Alcalde’s tears at his funeral showed how much Compéta cared for Tom.

 It must be ten years since we first met. 
He taught me Spanish.
 I, with Jorgen, taught Gwen and Tom astronomy and cosmology.
 I have to say he was a much better pupil than I.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that Tom was one of the architects of the Competa that we know now, helping to bridge the gap between the locals and the ex-pats, making it such a delightful place to live. 

He helped an uncountable number of guiris negotiate the labyrinth of Spanish bureaucracy. 
But perhaps we didn’t see how well he was regarded by the Compétaneos until we saw the church packed.
He is a great loss to all of us.  I’ll miss that hat….

¡ Querida Gwen !
 Ayer, Domingo hemos oído unas de las más tristes toques de campanas...
 Sabemos que Tom está irre-emplazable para Usted.
 Sabemos que vosotros eran in "team" excepcional y especial.
 Queremos dar nuestras más profundas condolencias.
Jeanine and Martine 
Dear Gwen!  

Yesterday, Domingo we  heard the news from the  saddest sound - the bells… 
We know that Tom is irreplaceable for You.  
We know that you they were an exceptional “team”  and special.  
We want to give you our deepest condolences.

Yet another scam at Mercadona in Torre

Apparently there are 4 Rumanians using yet another trick to steal wallet/purses from handbags.
The ploy is to have a paper in their hands and ask you, as you come out of the supermarket (this happened in Mercadona, Torre del Mar)  to help them read/understand it. 
Whilst you´re concentrating on that - someone´s stealing from your bag...........


Ryanair and Spanish Government.....

The Irish Government said on Tuesday that Ryanair complies with the security norms.
They made the comment to Spanish Secretary General for Transport, Carmen Librero, who had gone to Dublin for talks.
The visit came after Ryanair, the leader in Europe in low-cost airlines, suffered some incidents over past few weeks in Spain.
Also at the meeting was Ángel Luis Arias, the General Director of Civil Aviation, and the Irish secretary general for transport, tourism and sport, Tom O’Mahony.
The Irish Government said the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) rigorously monitors the operations of Ryanair, and that the airline meets all the safety norms.
During the meeting it was underlined that now there is a good cooperation between the IAA and its Spanish counterpart, the AESA, State Agency for Air Security. Proof of that comes with an undertaking on both sides to examine the circumstances of incidents together. 

They are starting with a diversion of a Ryanair plane on flight from Paris to Tenerife to land in Madrid a week ago.
The meeting came after Michael O’Leary put two open letters on his web page to outline his case.
The open letters are at" 

News from

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tom Ferber

Death of Tom Ferber
Anyone wishing to offer a Letter of Remembrance for Tom can email it to
I will publish each one (unless asked not to do so) and make print copies into a book for Gwen.

More about the Wonderful People who do the Translation Services in Hospital

There are usually at least two English speaking voluntary interpreters working at Hospital Comarcal but on Mondays there are more, working usually from 08.30 to 8pm on different shifts.  
The hospital is trying to get all day, every day covered. 
If no one is at the interpreters' desk, which is opposite the lifts just past the Information desk by the main entrance (NOT Urgencia), then you can use the telephone on the desk to contact one of them.  
There is a number on the telephone for both English and German interpreters.  
Just tell the interpreter who answers the 'phone you need help and are at the desk.  Alternatively, you can ask at the Information desk or in Urgencia - just ask for Intérprete Ingles and they will call the pager one of them carries.

Nursing & Support Available

I am available to provide a short term support service for people who are not "well enough" to go home from hospital or are struggling at home and require  some  TLC and practical help to return home .

As a trained (practising) general nurse (happy to provide evidence of my certificates and annual registration) I am able to assist people in many areas including management of diabetes,caelliac and diverticular disease and orthopaedic problems to name but a few.

As a trained Cruse counsellor I am also able to assist people who feel that they "can't cope" for whatever reason.I can liaise with the doctor to provide a profile of client need with suggested medication review if required.
The accommodation is in a comfortable villa  in the Torrox /Competa area and can be rented as a whole which allows  family members to stay or just an individual room at half the advertised price wherby a partner can stay therby aiding rest and  recovery (supported by a care package to suit the clients requirements )
I would also like to launch a resource centre so if anyone has any health related equipment that would benefit others I would  be happy to act as a collector  or keep a data for the benefit of people in the area.
If I can help you or you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
Liz Brown RGN ENB 941 (care of the older person) ENB 998 (teaching and assessment)
Please respond to englishnurse @

Legal Affairs Website

Option to sign up for a Newsletter on Legal Affairs
This month's newsletter explains the IBI tax and outlines potential changes.

Printing Recommendation

I have used and can recommend Graficas Bueno, they are on the right hand side as you go into Torre before you get to the bus station
There is also Red House Sign makers in Velez, I'm not sure where they are and I've not used them..

Acoustic Roots

This coming Friday 21st, Acoustic Roots are playing their last gig at Bar Cerezo in Canillas de Albaida for this season, to book a table call Maria on 699 993026 or come along for a drink.

Barn Dance at El Cruce

Thanks to all of you who have replied in support of doing another barn dance at El Cruce.
From everyone's dynamics it seems we are left with a Monday / Saturday in between SCOTTISH and CUDECA  6th October?/ Sunday nights.
I have not asked at el Cruce if a weekend night is feasible but thought I would sound you all out first.
If you would be so kind as to respond soon.      chriscoates129 @
Thanks again for your support
Chris and the guys

Coastal Building in Andalucia

The Environment Department is to work on the revision of coastal building along the Andalucía coast as new laws to protect the environment are introduced.
84% of the coastal municipalities have now adapted their plans to the current law.
The classification of the land along the Andalucía coast has seen no changes in classification for 20 years.
Now the Council of Agriculture, Fishing and Environment of the Junta has the intention to start a revision of the general urban ordination plans (PGOU).
The PGOU plans were draw up during the 'boom' years but now the land designation is questionable.
The Junta wants it to be adapted to the (POTA), the Andalucía Territorial Ordination Plan which was approved in 2006 and is more restrictive on the expansion of the municipalities.
There are some plots classified disproportionally to the needs and current demand, often in isolated areas where building is not advised. 

Most of these plots are linked to the development of second homes for foreigners.
During recent years some municipalities have adapted their PGOU, or carried out different updates, generally within the existing potential building land and, with the changes now being planned, land which has been abandoned will now come into development.

Ryanair vs Spanish Government

 The argument between Ryanair and the Spanish Government gets bigger
The Spanish Secretary is travelling to Ireland today to discuss recent incidents on the airline.Photo EFE
The Secretary General of Transport, Carmen Librero, is travelling to Dublin today to maintain a ‘meeting of collaboration’ with her counterparts to analyse the security incidents seen recently in Ryanair, and to strengthen cooperation.
The pilots union, SEPLA, has said it thinks that if Ryanair don’t take action, this is ‘doomed to disaster’. 

They say that the policy of cuts ‘could lead to complicated moments’ and the claim that Ryanair has taken the concept of ‘low-cost’ too far. 
SEPLA says that the company ‘moves in the limit of legality’.
The pilots say having enough fuel means that have the time take decisions.
Meanwhile Michael O’Leary has put two open letters on his website criticising the Minister and accusing her of document falsification.
The open letters are at"
In the letters he says that Ryanair is not a foreign airline, but a European one, that Ryanair has a 28 year safety record, as the largest passenger airline in Europe (with more daily flights than any other airline) we occasionally encounter diversions, technical problems or other inflight incidents, and in cases Raynair’s pilots comply fully with the safety and operating regulations of the European Union.
In the letters Michael O’Leary goes on to criticise some articles in the El Mundo newspaper, and claims he has been subjected to false and inaccurate reporting in the Spanish media (or forged documents) by the AESA or the Ministry of Development.
A video of a Ryanair Dublin airport staff meeting has appeared on You Tube. It is the supervisor tells of the men for the faults they made.
News from

Monday, September 17, 2012

News from e.g.o.

Well we've come back from holiday refreshed and ready for the Christmas rush, only joking......But 
Andy will be away from the 27th October till the 2nd November, so if you need to make an appointment with him please do it sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.   
You've probably heard on the Grapevine, ha ha ha that Mel is offering facials now.  
Below is a list of the facials with prices and what they include.   
Mini facial 12.50€  
(20 mins) Includes cleanse, tone, face mask & moisturiser   

Full Relaxing Facial 27€  
(45 mins) Includes cleanse, tone, massage of neck, shoulders & face, face mask & moisturiser   

Deep Cleanse Facial 40€  
(1hr) Includes deep cleanse, facial steam, tone, massage of neck, shoulders & face, face mask & moisturiser   

Don't forget we offer gift vouchers for any of our services for that special gift idea.  
 Pop in or call Mel to book your pampering session.

These facial are available for men as well as women, however men must be clean shaven.  
MEL & ANDY    
TEL: 616022734 

Wood Burning Stove

 front loading wood burning stove.     

Tom Ferber

How very, very sad to learn of the death of Tom Ferber - Councillor for Cómpeta. 
He worked so hard for all of us and will be sorely missed.
Our thoughts and love go to Gwen.
Jane and Brian

Longbow for Sale

Sixty inch, 30lb pull, Yamaha take-down recurve longbow. 
€100 ovno.
Complete with sights and six of, thirty inch long, arrows.
This is a serious bit of kit, not a toy for the kids.
Train for the next Olympics!
Lake Vinuela area. 

634 338 952

Artist's Easel for Sale

Artists easel, nearly six foot tall, fully adjustable, as new. 
Vinuela area. 

634 338 952

Corner Unit for Sale

Corner unit in good condition, six foot tall, three foot wide. 
All in one piece. €50.
Vinuela area. 

634 338 952

Printer needed

Can anyone recommend a printers for business cards and flyers. 
Preferably Velez-Malaga area.
Email: hello @
Also copy to please

Spanish Conversation

 Spanish Conversational Meeting  
Starting date: October 19th, 2012
4 Hours per Month / Twice a month.
Days:  Thursdays  (3rd and 4th of the month)
Time:  from 12.00 to 14.00  (open to other suggestions)
Price: € 20.- per person
Groups of 5 people maximum.
Note:  You must have a basic knowledge of Spanish to be able to follow the subject.
Subjects:  Actuality, Spanish Culture, Customs, others....(you can choose what you would like to discuss).
Please send us an email- asap -. to confirm your assistance:  

 idiomasmarich @  //  Attention:  Azucena
Thanks a lot.  

Join us!

Digi Box?

Seem to remember that over the last few weeks someone was advertising for sale at a very low price Digi Box, if still available give us a buzz.
Let's mutter

Responses re Translators at Hospital



on Thursday I asked one of the translators to accompany me to appointments.
When I spoke to her afterwards about using the translators for an appointment she handed me a piece of paper, which, she told me, to hand over to the nurse when giving in the appointment sheet when you arrive at the clinic.
It basically says that this patient needs a translator for their appointment and to please call them when taking the patient in.
If you call at the translation desks on your arrival they will give you the paper.
Hope that helps.  


You can't book a translator at the Hospital.  

They are only voluntary and you take pot luck if there is one available.  The Consultants can't wait for one to turn up so if you don't have one with you, you're a bit stuck.  
Also they are only there until 1.30pm so they are not available for afternoon appointments i.e. mainly in Opthalmology and Traumatology.  
I am a professional medical interpreter, I charge 30 euros, including transport from Competa.  
I can also translate written reports for you, or make Hospital or Doctors appointments.  
Charges on application. 
 lakinka @

The hospital in Velez Malaga provides translators free of charge!  

They are available every day from 8.30 in the morning until 1.30 in the afternoon.  
Some are also available on certain afternoons.  
Their desk is situated in the main Reception area, in the corner on the left,(opposite the elevators).
They are most helpful, discreet and knowledgeable. 

(I know, I used to work there for over three years!).
Best regards and good luck. 


Britons flying to Ibiza

 (Editor's Note: I usually exercise my editorial right to correct vocabulary & grammar in Blog items - but this one just has to appear as it was written!.........)
The Guardia Civil on Ibiza has said that they detained two 19 year old Britons, Jonathan J.W. and Nicolas S. for showing their genitals to the crew and some of the passengers during a flight from Newcastle to Ibiza.
It happened last Thursday in flight when the two British men, in a state of noticeable excitation, stood up and dropped their trousers to their ankles. 

They then walked up and down the plane.
It was not easy for the crew of the JET 2 flight to calm the men down, and given their violent composure the main pilot had no hesitation in requesting the Guardia Civil to meet the plane when it landed in Ibiza.
The exhibition from the two men went on for three hours and on arrival they were formally accused in Ibiza of the alleged crime of exhibitionism.
There were children on the plane and under article 185 of the Penal Code if anyone carries out extreme acts in front of children they face a prison sentence of 6 months to a year or a 12-24 month fine

Burning of Vegatables led to Fires

The burning of vegetable remains led to the Costa del Sol fire on August 30.
The Infoca Brigade for the Investigation of Forest Fires has now concluded its report on the fire which burnt 8,222 hectares, 7,175 of them forestry.
The report said there was negligence during the burning of vegetable remains in a finca in Coín. 

The fire started in a finca which was on a hillside in the Cerro Alaminos, next to a track called Charco de Infierno.
 It notes that when the fire started at 6:50pm on Thursday August 30, the temperature was over 37.6º and the relative humidity was 18% in a wind with gusts of 34 kilometres an hour.
The fire was first detected by a look out from Infoca, which has the job of preventing and extinguishing fires.
The technicians, according to the Junta de Andalucía, have determined that the fire which had been burning the vegetable remains was abandoned when it was still smouldering. 

The Junta notes that this type of fire is prohibited during the season when the danger of forest fires is high.
A German man died in the blaze and two more of the same nationality were seriously injured.
The Junta has announced that the complete report on the fire has been sent to the Chief Prosecutor of the Environmental hall in Málaga and to Seprona, the environmental section of
the Guardia Civil.
It was the worst fire in Andalucía since one in Riotinto in 2004.

Changes ahead for the Penal Code

The Minister for Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, on Friday justified his first reform of the Penal Code. 
The changes are designed to bring the code into the 21st century, and that means toughing up on many crimes which cause social alarm.
He gave the details after the Friday cabinet meeting.
Spain’s Penal Code is one of the most severe in Europe with sentences of up to 40 years.
The sentence of reversible life imprisonment is extended to aggravated cases. 

It’s similar to life imprisonment with the difference that if the inmate can show that he or she is
reinserted into society he or she could be released at a later date.
Another new measure is being called ‘Security Custody’. 

This is not a penalty, but it could lead to an inmate having to remain in jail for 10 years past the end of his sentence.
 It will be used where special danger is considered.
 It would be revoked when that danger is considered to be gone. 
Candidates for this would be assassins, kidnappers, sexual crimes, violent crimes and drug traffickers.
The document also includes probation, approved by the previous Socialist Government in 2010 for terrorist and sexual crimes. 

Now it has been extended to other crimes such as property crimes, robbery and violent crimes resulting in injury.
There has been some criticism of the Ruiz-Gallardón legislation with the spokesman from the Judges for Democracy Association, Joaquim Bosch, and María Moretó from the Union
of Progressive Prosecutors saying the legislation is ‘Populist, punishes the unfortunate and social protest’.

They think it may be unconstitutional.

Ryanair Scare again!

A Ryanair plane has had to carry out an emergency landing at El Prat airport in Barcelona after suffering engine trouble.
There were 171 people plus crew on the plane, and no injuries.
This incident is in addition to those seen in recent weeks by the same company in Lanzarote and Palma de Mallorca.
The Protección Civil of the Catalan Government Interior Department confirmed that the problem was in one of the engines.
The Boeing 737-800 was not intended to land at El Prat, having come from Bristol with a destination of Reus, and it was about 120 nautical miles north of Barcelona the crew reported the engine problem, diverting to Barcelona for a safe landing 50 minutes later.
The passengers were taken to Reus by bus.
Meanwhile the pilots’ union SEPLA has commented that Ryanair goes ‘more to the limit’ than the rest of the low-cost airlines. 

The union say they don’t think the airline is unsafe because if it was they would have removed its certificate to operate, but they continued, ‘You can’t have this policy of recruitment, or pressure or going to the limit with the fuel’.
All News from

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Local Death & Help Needed

I am not sure if you have heard the news today, I have had a message via two animal charities this afternoon that Dee the dog groomer's husband has been killed in car accident.
An appeal has gone out for anyone who can assist in any way.

This is information has also been placed on Facebook by Nina of Action for Animals in Cómpeta.   (D)

There are between 30 & 40 dogs kept in & around the property they call The Haven
 (along and downwards towards the river from the "helicopter pad" ) 
Conditions are extremely poor - to put it mildly.  (WP)

Hospital Translating Services

When one has a hospital appointment and needs a translator, does anyone know how to book one please?
Responses to

Domestic Help Problem Solved.

Thank all of you that telephoned in with regard to my advert requesting House Help. 
We have had many replies and, in time will, look through them all and make a decision
As of now the advert is closed
Have  nice day now

Car for Sale

2006 Fiat Punto           
 LHD Deisel
1,3 Multijet 16V Deisel

123k km, Spanish Plate ITV till April 2014
 Central locking, Air Con, Electric front windows, Airbags,     

3,900 Euro
Contact Dave 951 067 758 

dave @

Accountant Recommendation - amendment

I added a request yesterday for anyone to recommend an English speaking Spanish accountant. But I think I gave the incorrect email address!
My correct address is loueverson @

Friday, September 14, 2012

Domestic Help Needed please

We would like someone to help clean our house and keep it clean.
Flexible times, flexible days.
we are located on the A7207 Torrox to Competa road, close to the main road with easy access.  95 203 0005

Battery Holder Boxes for Sale

New 4 X AA  Battery Holders Boxes 
each box  Switched with soldered leads for 2 X AA Batteries,
2.50 euros each or the 4 for 8 euros
95 203 0005 or 649 657 822