Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sky + Box wanted

We are looking for a secondhand sky+ box. If you have one for sale please contact Zoe at zoebickmore(@)hotmail(.)com

(Editor : May I remind everyone that I enter email addresses in a way that prevents other internet-based "baddies" from automatically using them. Simply remove the brackets to get the actual address)

Roman theatre open again

AFTER two decades of silence, the Roman Theatre in Malaga City will reopen for performances on September 15. The last performance at the theatre, from the first century, was held in 1991 before restoration work began.

Grafitti ?

Jordanian military officer faces trial for defacing the Alhambra de Granada He was part of a delegation sent to Spain to purchase a military aircraft and was caught carving his name onto a palace wall The officer has been charged with a crime against historical heritage for defacing the Alhambra de Granada by carving his name onto a palace wall. The 36 year old was part of a delegation sent to Sevilla by the government of Jordan to discuss the purchase of a military aircraft and decided to take advantage of his trip to Andalucía to visit the Alhambra earlier this month. The Alhambra’s security was called after he was spotted by a group of tourists carving his name onto one of the walls in the Palace of Carlos V.The officer was then arrested by the National Police. EFE indicates that he could face up to three years in prison in addition to a fine

Big Spenders.....

Tourists visiting Spain spend an average of 100 € a day, taking their spend to a record total of 29.483 billion €. The number is 8.8% higher than last year according to the data which are for between the months of January and July this year. Main market was the UK whose tourists supplied 5.76 billion € over the first seven months of the year. Germany and France are the other main tourist sources. Most of the money is left in Cataluña, Canaries, Baleares and Andalucía

Frozen Bodies ? or.....

A cryonics association wants to build a new facility in the Sierra of Madrid with the capacity to maintain 500 cryogenically frozen human bodies until such a time as advances in science will allow them to be brought back to life. It’s understood that the association has already been in contact with the Mayor of El Escorial, Antonio Vicente, who told El Mundo newspaper that he doesn’t see it as a ‘crazy idea’, but warned that there could be restrictions given the town’s location within the Guadarrama National Park. Vicente said he is prepared to study the proposal once there is more concrete information and documentation.The recently created Ibero-American Cryopreservation Association has chosen the Madrid Sierra because of its central location, the low risk of earthquake and the cool temperatures. The association’s president, Francisco Roldán, said the facility, which would include a research laboratory, would provide individual capsules with liquid nitrogen at 196 degrees below zero.Bodies could be maintained almost indefinitely, he said.The facility would provide between 250 and 300 direct and indirect jobs, and would need investment of up to 50 million €. Cryopreservation of human bodies is not however currently permitted under Spanish legislation.

(Editor : Another idea to ponder on - )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cute chap needs your help

A Spanish charity has been trying to rehome a small, male dog for months. They have had him castrated and have put a collar on him with the lad's name and number on it. He has been picked up by the dog warden at least 3 times and taken to the pound, each time Chity from the Charity has gone and fetched him and put him back on the streets. If anyone can offer a safe place for this little boy they will be truly grateful. They will cover all the necessary costs to get ready to travel as soon as he can be re-homed. He is around 3 kilos and 20 cms long and 20 cms high & 2 years old. please contact us if you can help............ He is good with other dogs and cats.

If anyone can help please contact Jo at the Charity Paws For Thought on the email below
Many Thanks Diane chicobueno(at)mac(.)com
Chico Buneo Mobile Dog Groomer

(Editor : Please contact Diane of the charity for a photo of this little, cute chap)

Items for sale

For Sale
Hardly used pink moses basket with stand from Mothercare 30 euros.
Electric breastfeeding pump (hardly used) offers.

Unemployed reject job offers

Latest data show that nearly a third of the unemployed in Spain have rejected an offer of a job. Their reasons were low pay, the hours, having to move or a commute considered to be ‘long or difficult’. The number comes from a survey carried out by the Manpower agency. Interestingly the youngest age group, 16-24, were those less likely to reject an offer of work, while those more likely to do so were aged 25-34.

Unions call for Strikes

Following protests over the weekend from indignant protestors, the unions have called a demonstration against constitutional reform. It will be held in Madrid on September 6, and there will be other protests on August 31 and September 1.

25,000 Spaniards emigrate to the UK for work last year

The 85 percent yearly increase is the largest seen, The British Government is concerned about the number of Spaniards who are now signing onto the British Social Security system, after immigration to the U.K. from Spain for work. It has risen by 85% over the past twelve months to April, and now stands at nearly 25,000 people. In the year to April this year the number of Spaniards to register in the British Social Security System after obtaining a first job in the U.K. was up by 85%, according to official figures. It makes Spain the country which has produced the largest increase in immigration to the U.K., ahead of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lithuania and Ireland. 24,370 Spaniards have joined the British labour market over the year, and the number does not include the high number of students in the U.K., or temporary workers who are not registered in Social Security. Spain is now 6th on the list of immigrant workers in the U.K., a list led by Poland and India, followed by Pakistan, Lithuania and Latvia. British Government sources think the increase from Spain will continue as the economic crisis bites in the south of Europe. However David Cameron has made it clear he wants to limit immigration to reduce unemployment, but he is unable to act against workers from other EU countries.

Mercadona overtakes Corte Ingles for 2010

Massive growth and cost cutting has seen a dramatic increase for the Valencia based supermarket chain For the first time ever supermarket chain Mercadona has produced more net profit than department store El Corte Inglés. Over the year Mercadona saw sales rise 5.8% while El Corte Inglés saw only 0.3% growth, and El Corte Inglés profits were down to 319 million €, while Mercadona’s rose by 47% to 398 million. El Corte Inglés remains the national leader for turnover at 16.4 billion, while the Valencia supermarket chain has a turn over, doubled over the past five years at nearly 12.53 billion. It comes after Mercadona has applied a cost cutting policy over the past two years. They now have more than 1,310 stores. In terms of employment, El Corte Inglés gives work to 102,699 workers, almost 40,000 more than Mercadona

Monday, August 29, 2011

Correction to previous posting -rowing machine wanted!

Im sorry I did that all wrong....
I am looking for a second hand rowing machine to buy/collect not sell sorry for the mix up. If anyone has or knows of anyone selling a rowing machine please contact

Spain's longest serving prisoner....

Miguel Montes Neiro abandoned his hunger strike protest on the insistance of his family Spain’s longest serving prisoner has ended a hunger strike after 125 days. Miguel Montes Neiro had started his protest on April 23 angry at still not being granted a release. The 61 year old entered prison on October 7 1976 for desertion from the Army, and since then has seen his sentence extended for attempts to escape, and one charge against public health. His decision to abandon the hunger strike comes after pressure from his family, who demanded medical assistance so that ‘at least he gets hospital justice’. His sister Encarnación said that his life was hanging on a thread, and that he had an inflamed liver, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.He’s not due to leave prison until 2021, but the Ministry for Justice is still considering an appeal for a pardon which was presented by his lawyer in April, after the Supreme Court ordered that a clear order on his release be considered.

Want a day out in Sevilla?

Sasha Baron Cohen has started filming for his new film, ‘Finchley Dreams’, at the Plaza de España in Sevilla. To be released across Europe under the name, ‘The Dictator’ it sees the actor who is already well-known as Borat, Bruno and Ali G take on a heavy beard and dark glasses to become the dictator of an unnamed Arab country. The Plaza de España has been decorated to become his presidential palace. It’s the first Cohen film to be financed by Hollywood, and reports indicate that the 39 year old actor has been given ‘carte blanche’. Supporting him and also in Sevilla currently filming are Megan Fox and Ben Kingsley. It’s estimated the filming in Sevilla, which will be concentrated in the Plaza de España on August 30 and 31 from 9am to 9pm both days, will bring a million € to the city in hotel room costs for the actors and crew alone. Total budget is estimated at 36 million €.

Euribor - Mortgages

The Euribor is forecast to end August at 2.1 percent.
The Euribor rate, used to set most of the mortgages in Spain is expected to end the month of August up to 2.1%.Such a rate rise means that those who are facing their annual mortgage re-assessment face paying almost €600 more in payments on an average mortgage over the next 12 months. A €150,000 mortgage over 25 years will go up on average almost 49 € a month. A €300,000 policy over 30 years will see a monthly increase of nearly 100 €. It’s because the current month-end forecast 2.1% rate is far higher than the 1.421% seen at the end of last August. However the rate is down slightly from the 2.183% seen at the end of July.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Something for the Weekend.....

Is there a musical instrument you just cannot stand ?
This summer was a long time coming so I hate to hasten its end but there are so many exciting things in store at Sugar and Spice over the next few weeks
Food Glorious Food - We set out at the start of this season with 3 objectives; to further reduce prices, to introduce more special offers & to find more new and interesting products. This month alone we have reduced the price of over 30 items. Every saving we make is passed on directly to you. We have also managed to obtain access to some amazing offers. New lines of "offer stock" arrive fortnightly. Some of these offers are here to stay, some are only available whilst the stocks last. So make sure that you grab them whilst they are there. And thirdly by pushing our buying options further afield we now have access to products that aren't available anywhere else in the area, which means it's always worth popping in just to see what is new.
Fashion Update - Those of you who attended our “Spring” fashion launch had to brave torrential rain and very un-spring like weather conditions and so it seems only appropriate that we celebrate the end of the summer whilst it's still blisteringly hot! Our end of season clothes sale will start on September 3rd. There will however be a chance to grab the best bargains on a Sale preview night on Thursday 1st of September from 6pm. When not only will our summer stock be reduced, for one night only there will also be some great offers on new the new autumn range. We will be serving drinks and nibbles all evening so even if you're not in “grab a bargain” mode why not come along and have a good old girlie get together.
To prepare for the autumn season I have trawled the fashion outlets, wholesalers & boutiques to investigate what’s on offer. Follow the link below to find my summary of those hours of retail research. I know, it's a tough job...
Furniture & Giftware - Over the summer we have signed up some great new Moroccan wholesalers and so, dare I say it, we now have access to pretty much anything that you can buy in the souks at some very compelling prices and without the painful bargaining and the gallons of mint tea. If you don't see quite what you're looking for pop in and ask and we'll see if we can source it.
After introducing some fabulous new giftware ranges earlier in the year, we will also be visiting Spains largest Furniture & Giftware Expo later this month to start shopping for … Can I use the “C” word? Well, Selfridges and Harrods opened their Christmas (there I've said it) departments in July and there are only 120 days to go!

So as there are bargains galore, special offers a sale and loads of new stock. Plenty of reasons to call into Sugar and Spice. We look forward to seeing you soon Debbie & Andy
Sugar & Spice Tel: (0034) 952 516 117

Free Jars

25-30 clean, glass jars available free of charge . Email

Cómpeta Mayor also a President

The Mayor of Cómpeta, Jose Luís Torres Gutiérrez, has been unanimously re-elected as Presdient of the Thejeda & Almijara Sierra çAssociation. The group was established 6 years ago. It represents the interests of Arenas, Canillas de Albaida, Cómpeta, Salares & Sayalonga

Taxi warning....

ABOUT 500 people were trapped at Málaga airport late last Thursday night after taxi drivers blocked the access roads for an hour. Their action followed a fierce argument with drivers of transfer cars, pre-hired to collect arrivals, and so-called "pirate" taxi operators.
The president of the Taxi Unión co-operative, Francisco Soria, said that, at about 11pm, a group of taxi drivers who had been waiting hours for fares from the airport faced up to transfer drivers who were collecting clients. The taxi drivers argue that the others have no authorisation to be undertaking such work, and claim that some have no prior arrangement with people arriving and take advantage of the legal cabs. Sr Soria said there were three such cars identified and that the taxi drivers had attempted to prevent them being used. The argument eventually became violent with blows being traded, forcing National and local police officers to restore order.
Following this, around 100 taxis waiting at the airport were joined by 200 which arrived from the city centre, and the drivers proceeded to block access roads to the airport for around an hour.

Busy Roads

The Spanish are returning home at the end of their summer holidays 4.4 million journeys are expected on Spanish roads over the next few days, as Spaniards return home from their summer holidays. The DGT Central Traffic Authority has mounted a special traffic operation for the weekend, in place from Friday at 3pm until midnight on Sunday, involving more than 10,000 traffic police. All road works are to be put on hold this weekend.With the last day of August falling mid-week, the DGT expects the millions of journeys to be staggered over the coming days. The DGT has recommended drivers to try to avoid what will be the busiest time on the roads, between 3pm and 11pm on Sunday. A lot of vehicles are also expected on the roads on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pick Pocket Alert

Hi, Just a warning to your subscribers to be alert for pickpockets and purse snatchers in Lidl's Algarrobo Costa.
I was shopping in there with my wife today and felt a tug at my wallet, and noticed 3 guys one who was directly behind me. I couldn't be sure which one it was, but I had noticed them hanging around us before in the shop. If I hadn't been alert to it I would have lost my wallet.
As it was they noticed I had spotted them and eventually they left, dumping products they were carrying at the checkout. they obviously work as a team. So if anyone shops in this store, make sure your wallet and purses are secure Be Warned!!.
With regards, Stewart (Editor : Thank you SO much for this warning)

Rowing Machine for Sale

Looking for a second hand rowing machine, the one in the corner is collecting dust. Not expensive,
If you could let me know
I live close to Cómpeta

Cool Canines.....

Make your dog an ice lolly. Mush up some green vegetables and a few meaty scraps and a drop of water, put them in a mug and mix together. Place the mixture in a rawhide chew stick in the centre and freeze until solid - a
cool treat for when your Rover is Roasting.
Diane chicobueno(at)mac(dot)com

Strikes in France this weekend

Potential disruption for travellers Eurotunnel have warned that strikes may affect their services this weekend including delays on road approaches to Eurotunnel check-in. Those who have already purchased a ticket to travel with Eurotunnel this weekend are advised to make their way to check in as normal, but to expect possible delays and disruption. The company have stopped taking bookings for some Folkestone to Calais and Calais to Folkestone journeys over Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.
Here is the website :-

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evening Market Friday 26th August

This Friday evening 26th August.
An evening market at Chiringuito Antonio , Puente don Manuel. (the venue of the normal Friday morning market).
With the weather being so hot we thought people might like to browse in the evening when it starts to cool a little. A variety of stalls for you to walk round. Live music for your entertainment, and a bar for your drink and food requirements.
A fun evening - come and join us, we would love to see you.
Market times 7 a 10 pm

Freezer wanted for a Rental Property

Small / medium sized chest / upright freezer.
I will collect.
Please contact Steve

Sept 3rd Charity Market in Cómpeta

PLEASE don't forget next Saturday 3rd SEPTEMBER, the first of 3 charity markets in Competa, on the Plaza Almijara next to the church, starting at 10am and finishing 2.30ish.
Many stalls selling great quality items - U.K High Street fashions, Avon, Artwork, Ceramics, Jewellery, Knitwear, Children's Clothes, home-made food, Musical Instruments, something for everyone.
Come and browse, start getting ideas for Xmas, I here you all go ahhhhhhhhh, it's not that far away.
Look forward to seeing you all. Marian

Sensible Advice about Airport Runs

The idea of car sharing is a good idea if a number of people are travelling to the airport. However I would advise caution to the gentleman, or anyone else, offering to transport passengers to the airport, whether a fee is involved or not. Over the years there have been a number of incidents of drivers being chased and even assaulted by the Malaga taxi drivers, including the president of an urbanisation in Nerja who was chased almost back to his home. If the taxi drivers spot anyone regularly dropping passengers off or collecting them they will at the very least report them to the police who in the past have prosecuted the driver involved for running an illegal taxi service.
(Wise advice and I hope the scheme will not be used for any element of profit - pure altruism. Another person has volunteered to create a database of offers & requests, so keep responding please to Editor)

Ladder Needed

Hi, Does anyone have a cheap, 24ft, 2 stage ladder for sale.
I'm also looking for a guitar effect pedal,(the basic type).
Barry 634339422

For Sale

Petrie 35mm SLR Camera (not digital) with standard , zoom and wide angle lenses. Ideal for a beginner. 50 Euros
Pentax zoom 90 SLR camera with built in flash and complete with case and operators Manual. 100 Euros
Derbi Boulevard 125cc scooter (2005) with 6300Kms on the clock. This scooter had been completely rebuilt since being dropped.
Most panels have been replaced with new Derbi original panels
New Carburettor
New dashboard including all new switches
New Battery
New rear tyre
Recovered seat with new lock
New oil and filter.
Come and have look.
This rebuild cost over 1000 euros to complete and I am looking to recover the cost only but offers will be considered.
Contact for any of the three items above if you are interested is 626926227
Steve Millard (Competa)

Todo Papel Opening Hours

Dear Customer,
For your information, this Sunday we will be closed but we will open the following Sunday 4th September from 11am – 1pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Alick & Debbie
Avenida de la Constitución, 31
Tel:- (0034) 952 55 37 55

Alteration to Spain's Constution

Spain's new debt cap will be calculated year on year in line with growth. It will not be applied until at least 2018

The debt cap which will form part of Spain’s Constitution will be calculated each year in line with growth, the Economy Minister has announced. Elena Salgado said in a radio interview on Wednesday that the idea is to obtain resources when times are good to act as a cushion when there are problems. She said the measure will follow Spain’s existing budget law approved in 2006. ‘In a situation of normal growth, between 2 and 3%, the deficit must be zero’, she said, while in years of less expansion a fiscal imbalance can be permitted.Salgado emphasised in the interview with Cadena Ser that the decision on the cap was Spain’s alone, ‘no-one forced us to do it’. This will be only the second time the Constitution will have been amended since it was approved.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sharing an Airport Run

Editor writes : there has been a really positive response to the suggestion that people going to the airport ( with a spare seat) and those needing a lift to & from the airpot might get together! Two examples are quoted below and I think I should create a database or some calendar to facilitate the idea. More feedback please. )

Hi. I am available for airport runs.
I am a HGV driver (retired).
I am free almost any time.
I live near Competa and have 3 spare seats, (no children) due to no child seat.
If anyone is in need of a airport lift, then I am free for a minimal charge.

Very good idea to have some system in that matter. We are new in Competa having bought a house in the town. We are back there in October and shall buy a car so we can participate.
As a start we would be glad to be picked up in the airport the 12th october about 8 pm (Ryanair from Stansted) . We only bring hand luggage.
Kind regards
Kit and Arne

OK Folks - More Please! Jane

Geoff Murrell Gig

Geoff will be playing his unique mix of pop, rock, country, swing and soul,
this Friday night (Aug 26th) in the delightful garden at The Alberdini
Hotel, Competa, from 8.30pm. You can reserve a table on 952 516 294 or just
come along for a drink. The Alberdini website is at

Amplifier Needed

I am looking for an Amplifier to power 4 speakers in a bar / Cafe
Happy to pay for a decent one, and collect locally.
Please call Russell on 697 274084 if you can help.

Dignified Death Law Used

There was no hope of a patient recovering and the hospital & the authorities have now complied with her family's wishes to remove her feeding tube.
Andalucía was the first region in Spain to approve a Law for a Dignified Death, and now the region’s government has ordered a hospital in Huelva to accede to the family’s wishes and remove the feeding tube which was keeping a patient alive. Ramona Estévez was admitted to a public hospital after a cerebral infarction at the end of July which a CT scan showed had affected her entire brain. The doctors there decided they would not intubate the patient. The dignified death law allows doctors to withdraw or not start a treatment on patients who have no chance of recovery and also prohibits unnecessarily prolonging a patient’s life. Ramona was transferred to another Huelva hospital a few days later, the Blanca Paloma which, although private, has an agreement with the state to take in patients from the public health system. The medical team there insisted on intubating, saying that to fail to do so would be a crime punishable by law. The patient’s son, despite his misgivings, finally agreed to the procedure which was carried out on August 4.He approached the DMD, the Association for the Right to a Dignified Death, for help, who registered formal complaints with the hospital and with the Junta de Andalucía. The regional government responded by ordering that Ramona’s feeding tube be removed.It was removed this Tuesday afternoon

Assistance Benefit extended

The Prime Minister announced a six month extension to the 400 € monthly assistance payment to the unemployed who no longer have any rights to unemployment benefit. It’s to be approved by the Friday Cabinet meeting and is linked to the training they receive.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cómpeta Societies & Leisure Fair

Cómpeta Societies and Leisure Fair 24 September 2011
La Mesa Intercultural de Cómpeta, the Cómpeta Intercultural Forum ,with the kind support of the Ayuntamiento, is organising the 1st Cómpeta Societies and Leisure Fair on Saturday the 24th of September 2011 from 10.00 to 15.00, on the Paseo de Tradiciones.

To Associations, Clubs, Course organisers:
Are you a member or organiser of an Association, Club or other shared interest forum or gathering? Do you organise activities (gardening, yoga, bridge, dancing etc ) or do you know of others that do? Do you offer courses or exercise classes?
Would you like to publicise your meetings and events?
Would you like to recruit more members?
Would you like to start a Group and reach out to others who may be interested?
If so, you are invited to participate in the first Cómpeta Societies & Leisure Fair where all associations, sports clubs, courses etc can advertise their activities. To participate, please contact:
After the event, we can also put your information on our Blog site: and you can tell us of any changes as and when they are needed
To all residents of Cómpeta:
Our aim is that all residents of Cómpeta, of all nationalities can find out what's on offer in the town and be able to participate in associations and activities. So come along on Saturday 24 September to the Paseo de Tradiciones, next to the top, central plaza, from 10.00 to 15.00

For Sale

(Phots available from the vendor)

cream wedding dress off the shoulder style with one small flower strap fit a tallish slim lady 10€
swimming pool double steps----------use unknown 10€
3 ceiling lights
, each with silver metal work and 3 white & black conical glass shades ( 9 shades in all) very modern & new, also 1 wall light to match without shade 30€ the lot
2 single beds & good mattresses
10 € each

Space needed, thank you
952967776 judyannspain(at)yahoo(dot)com

Sharing Trips to the Airport

Excellent suggestion by a group of local people:-
With so many of us going back and forth to Málaga Airport, it should be possible (even though complex!) to have a system whereby people may have one or two spare seats and would take another traveller in return for a comtribution to fuel costs.
If you are interested in participating, send an email to with the details of your journey and your request for a lift.

Not even Nerja Residents Escape the Parking Fees

The private Carabeo Parking in Nerja, will now cost 40 € per month for persons who are on the Nerja Town Hall Padron (population list) and also have their road tax registered in Nerja. Those who had a previous bonus of 7 € per month will continue with this offer until the end of September when all the cars will have to leave the parking for the Fair installation.

New Born Abandoned

An abandoned newly-born baby has been found in the street in Torre del Mar, Málaga.
The baby girl is apparently healthy and in good condition, but the placenta was still attached when she was found on Sunday morning at around 0920. A bag of clothes was found next to the child in Calle Cuesta del Visillo by a passerby who alerted the health services and National Police.The child is undergoing a full medical at the Axarquía District Hospital in the town

Best to Stay South!

The Spanish Meteorological Agency, AEMAT, has issued a warning of unstable weather and storms from Monday onwards across the country. It will be accompanied by a slight fall in temperatures except along the Mediterranean where temperatures will be little changed

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chicken Coop needed - the answer.....

Anonymous said...
Hi try they made one for me 3 years ago and delivered it to my Villa. They are a fairly local company and everything is made by hand.

APARIV animal Charity needs your vote....

Hi Everyone: We need your help in the Golden Paw Competition.
has been nominated in the Foreign category of a German company, and we stand to win between 1000 and 5000 euros! Obviously, we could really do with a bit extra….
Here’s the link: Golden Paw Competition
Vote for Hundeherze APARIV! I know, it’s German, but it’s easy.

Page down the until you reach the list with little buttons on the left which you can . Vote for HundeHerzen APARIV, (5th one down), input the "code word" and your email address.
Then the send button (‘absenden’) Then you will receive an email to confirm.
Beneath the German text, you will see the instructions in English. Basically, just click on the link and you’re done! And APARIV’s refuge stands to make 5000 euros. Thanks so much and please tell your friend.
Entries must be submitted by August 23rd

Water Park in Velez Málaga

Parque Acuático, Velez Málaga
Many people have family with children visiting and may like to consider the water park.
Visit their website
Click on the British flag for the English version
It is open from 11am until 7pm.
Prices are : Adults €20.50 : Children & OAPs €15.
Admission is halved after 4pm!

Pups seeking homes

OK - here's the story. There's a nice Spanish man in Benamocarra who runs a restaurant/hotel; he rescued a podenco Mummy who subsequently gave birth to 7 pups. He has homed 2, and needs to find homes for theother 5 ASAP as they are now running riot as puppies do, and being at the hotel with guests it is getting difficult. Next week he is sterilising the mum and he is also going to keep her, so that's good news.
DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYONE who wants a pup or can foster a pup????
You can contact this man, Manuel directly at or phone him 670690151
Alternatively - contact me - Andrea Haley 654 128 608
(Editor - Andrea has mnay photos of these pups - email her for them)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Something for the Weekend.....

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up ?

Want to make a post, provide some information for our community?

It's easy! Simply send an email to

Old Oak Dining Set required

I'm looking for a dark oak dining table and chairs. The table needs to be 2m minimum. I'd like something old, but not too distressed. Does anyone know where I could get one - perhaps a good second hand furniture or antique shop?

Geoff Murrell Gig

Geoff will be playing his unique mix of pop, rock, country, swing and soul, this Friday night (Aug 26th) in the delightful garden at The Alberdini Hotel, Competa, from 8.30pm. You can reserve a table on 952 516 294 or just come along for a drink. The Alberdini website is at

Chicken Coop needed

I am looking for a chicken coop. Have you got one you're not using any more (picture please)
or do you know where I might get one or maybe you want to build me one? Let me know!
Liz at ab dot tl

Andalucía leads the way

Also doctors are to prescribe the active ingredient in a medicine and not a brand name; a measure forecast to save 2.4 billion € a year. The idea has already been put into practice in Andalucía where savings this decade of 500 million have been made.

IVA on New Property -

The Spanish Government has announced it is to reduce the IVA/VAT on new property from 8% to 4% as an emergency measure in force until the end of the year.
It comes in an attempt to reactivate the real estate sector, and only applies to new property. It means an average saving to the purchaser of about 8,000 €.The real estate industry think the idea will help to reactivate a sector punished by the recession, but comment that it will also be necessary to give ‘better access to finance’. Other experts think it will have a limited effect coming as it does just 13 months after the Government increase the IVA/VAT rate on new property by 1%.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Good News from EGO

Hola Everybody
We hope you are all enjoying the summer. I won´t keep you too long away from the pool or the beach but just to tell you the new things on offer this month at and beauty.
Firstly Mel is now doing Minx nails, which is a tranfer for your fingers and toe nails, they come in absolutely every pattern, design and colour you can think of and the good thing is they don´t effect your nature nails like other alternatives on the market.
Secondly we have a new therpist called Uta, she is offering Semi Permanent Make-up, Permanent Lazor Hair Removal, Red Vein Removal and Skin Tags and Non Surgical Face Lifts. Please enquire at e.g.o. hair and beauty for more information.
Thirdly we have just installed a credit card machine to make things easier for you, we all know what the banks are like on a busy day!!!!

Water Costs.....

according to the bill I have here for Jan-Mar this year, the 3 bands are, -
1) 20 cu.m @75 cents a unit, 2) 10 cu.m @ 1euro a unit 3) 10 cu.m @ 1.29 a unit and that is per quarter, above that it is 4.20 euros for every cu.m.
Hope that helps. Mave

Mortgage Costs

Despite the calls on banks to be more generous with credits, they have been charging increased commissions for a mortgage taken out in July.
The average commission for a mortgage taken out in the month was 27€ more for the study and 72€ more to open the policy, at 132 € and 662 € respectively.
Banks and Savings Banks have also increased their commissions on debit and credit cards, for the maintenance of accounts and the charges for unauthorised overdrafts.The Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance Users Association ADICAE has denounced the increased charges as ‘unconscionable and shameful’

Zara clothing chain

There has been a complaint against the clotihng giant, Zara, for the working conditions in a factory of one of the fashion chain’s providers in Brazil. The accusation is that the group purchased clothes made by immigrants subjected to ‘degrading conditions in clandestine workshops’

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Water Charges : A Question

A Contributor writes:-
The letter from the Alcalde re. the new water charges doesn't seem to say what the consumption limits are for the three price bands, or at least, the first two. Does anybody know what they are?
The judge in the (delightfully named) Contentious-Administrative Court 3 in Madrid, ruled that José Miguel Ayllón Camacho need not pay the 150 € fine which he was issued by the Tráfico Guardia Civil in February last year when he was driving on the A-6 Madrid to A Coruña road.
The Guardia said that it was a ‘falta grave’ listening to music with a headphone connected to the radio.However, the judge has considered that the driver did not break the article 65.4f of the Royal Decree 339/1900 traffic legislation which says the use of headphones or other objects which diminish the required permanent attention needed for driving, is a serious infraction.
The judge considered wearing one headphone need not be a distraction and, that according to the legislation. the radio itself could be regarded as a distraction, and yet they are installed in cars as standard.
He said reasonable interpretation of the law meant that both headphones needed to be worn for the offence to be valid. The State Attorney, who was in court, called on the judge to leave the fine in place but the judge noted that the driver had asked the Guardia to note on the fine that only one headphone had been used. The judge’s decision cannot be appealed as the fine involved is less than 18,000 €.

Footballing Strikers...

There will be no first round of the new Spanish league this weekend as talks yesterday, Wednesday, between the league and the players association failed to reach any agreement on the wage round. It means that all first and second division games are off, and meetings will continue in forthcoming days to try and avoid the same result on the second day of the league.
Reports from the talks indicate the two sides are as far apart as ever.The President of the Professional Football League, José Luis Astiazarán, commented after the meeting,‘We have not reached any agreement. The AFE has upped the stakes, the differences are important, but we have to continue trying to advance. We cannot give more than we have’. The dispute has arisen because the AFE wants the LFP to create a ‘wage guarantee fund’ which would cover payments of 50 million € owed to first and second division players, and also wants to see clubs which have not paid their players to be sanctioned. Some players across the country have accumulated long delays in wages being paid, and the AFE claims it is being supported by players unions in countries such as Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Holland. They say that last season ended with 50 million owed to more than 200 players.The LFP says that they want players to workout days they play for the National team as holiday time, and for them to all hand over their personal image rights. They say the AFE claims are ‘incomprehensible’ especially as the strike call comes after two months of talks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heatwave until Sunday

The Spanish Meteorological Agency AEMET has put half of Spain on alert for high temperatures, and warns that this Saturday will be the hottest day. . Thermometers will show round 40 degrees in the centre and south of the mainland, and weather alerts are in place for more than 25 provinces.Thursday will see increased activity from storms in the centre of the mainland. They will be disperse and not big, but they will serve to freshen the atmosphere. Saturday will be the hottest day with values back to where they were on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the northern third of the country particularly warm. The southern third of the country will reach 39 or 40 degrees and the centre of the country will also get as high as 39. Storms could form in the NW.Temperatures will finally start to fall on Sunday.

Low Cost Flights

57% of airline passengers in Spain between January and July used a low cost airline, a total of 20.7 million people.

The number is up 15.5% compared to last year at the same time.
Traditional carriers also saw a 8.8% growth in passenger numbers, according to the Institute of Tourist Studies, IET, which is dependent on the Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Trade.
Once again the UK and German led the low cost arrivals at 35.8% and 20% of their passengers. Italy was third.

Palma de Mallorca was the airport most used by the low-cost airlines with 3.5 million passengers up 11.2%, followed by Barcelona El Prat with 2.9 million up 43.3%, Málaga with 2.3 million up 11.1% and Madrid 2.1 million up 16.3%.
(Editor recommends the YouTube clip about low cost flights - sense of humour need! )

Petrol or Diesel ?

The Spanish Association of Vehicle Dealers, GANVAM, has been comparing the costs of running a petrol and a diesel car.
In general, buying a diesel model is 10% more expensive but, over ten years, a diesel owner will save more than 5,000 € in fuel.
However, the maintenance of a diesel works out 25 € more expensive a year than a petrol equivalent

Want to improve your Spanish ?

They are about to launch a Spanish version of the series "Cheers" (Salud! ? )

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letter from the Mayor of Cómpeta

Dear neighbour,

I am writing to inform you that the Law 9/2010, approved by the Junta de Andalucía, is going to annoy people and also mean a considerable increase in your water bills. I have denounced this unjust law in public and on many occasions. The Partido Popular (P.P.) voted against the law in the Andalucian Parliament, but it was approved with the support of P.S.O.E. and I.U.
However we have not given up and we are appealing against this unjust law.
For the time being we are obliged to incorporate in the bills a fixed water charge of €1 per month. Further more there is a variable charge in three bands according to consumption:
€0.10 /M3, €0.20 /M3, €0.60 /M3. The taxable amounts will be invoiced on your bills but the Town Hall has to pay these full amounts to the coffers of the Junta de Andalucía.
On the bills the charges referred to appear almost concealed and possibly they will increase every year.
I am terribly sorry but its not the fault of the Town Hall the increase is entirely due to the new law.
Best wishes,

José Luis Torres Gutiérrez

Over 50 ?

Just wondering if you might be interested in an event which we have been running every November since 2006. It is basically a lifestyle event for seniors and attracts 7-8,000 visitors over the weekend and is admission free.
Visit our website
Many thanks,

Car for Sale

Hyundai Accent 1.3 petrol for sale 1997 Very good condition for year .

Right hand drive,71500 miles on clock. ITV until December. New engine just fitted
full receipted Spanish plates.

In family from new €1,600 or near offer

Tel 952535297

Cocks and Hens.....

Broody Hens, and young cockerel for sale.
Cute chicks also.
Reason for sale, we are overwhelmed and it now looks like we are running a chicken sanctuary.
Contact Dorothy on 951139291 - 636906221- 686094146

Phew! What a Scorcher!

20 provinces on high temperature alert in Spain
A total of 20 provinces are on Yellow Weather Alert for high temperatures, according to the State Meteorological Agency, AEMET.
They predict Córdoba, Huelva and Sevilla will reach 39 degrees in some areas, while Granada, Jaén, Málaga, Almería, Ciudad Real and Badajoz are forecast to reach 38, and Gran Canaria, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Toledo and Murcia are expected to reach 37.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 Single Bed Bases for Sale

2 single bed bases,complete with 2 reasonable mattresses -
--ideal to quickly furnish a bedroom or accommodate unexpected guests
50 € the lot o.n.o. Torrox Costa

952967776 or 620742393

Boxer Dog Found

Found Saturday at Competa Market a large boxer dog who is very well mannered and cared for. He was wandering around the cafes and we have now brought him home.
If you are the owner of this dog or know who owns him please contact 952 55 3070 or 647205179 urgently.
Kate Morris

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Something for the Weekend.....

What is your greatest unfulfilled ambition?

Who is looking at the Village Know-it-All ?

People living in .......
Spain 208
UK 67
USA 38
Germany 24
Ireland 19
Ukraine 11
Singapore 5
India 3
Denmark 2
Phillipines 2

Road Repairs to A7206 Algarrobo to Cómpeta

The repair work that has begun will cost 78,000€ & includeds building stabilising walls at 2 points
One way traffic is controlled by lights.
It carries 1,000-2,000 vehicles per day.

Another strike called off

The strike on the day of the Pope's arrival has been called off
In what they describe as a ‘good will gesture’, unión UGT has called off the Madrid Metro strike which was planned for August 18, the day that Pope Benedict XVI arives in the city.
The news was given by the UGT Secretary General in the Metro, Teo Piñuela.
The Metro company had already warned the union about the ‘possible illegality’ of calling a strike on the 18th, given that ten days notice required by law had not been respected.
However the union says that other stoppages planned for the 20th and 21st of August remain in place.

Torrox Property to be Demolished

Penal Court 6 in Málaga has obliged Torrox Town Hall to demolish a house which has been built on non-buildable land.
The EFE news agency has seen the order which states that the property has to be demolished ‘in a forced way’, given that the owner, Antonio Urdiales, who has been found guilty of a crime against planning laws, has not attended to the demand to voluntarily demolish the property.
The owner has started legal proceedings in an attempt to be granted a pardon, and has also launched a petition. His spokesman, Modesto Jiménez, said that signatures have been collected since last week and they now have more than 400, ‘although there will be many more as we have put sheets in all the businesses and shops in Torrox’.
The petition states that the demolition of the property, in the Manzano Alto area, will not solve the problem of the irregular properties which exist in the Axarquía region.‘In all the villages in the district, 90% of the existing buildings in the campo are in the same circumstances as our neighbour, and demolishing one house is not going to solve the problem’.
Urdiales was found guilty in November 2009, by Penal Court 6, which considered it proved that from 2004 he used a municipal licence for the construction of a 24 m2 agricultural caseta to build a detached villa.The building is 100 square metres and a swimming pool and cement boundary wall have also been constructed.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dog Guard Wanted

Wanted Dog Guard suitable for RAV4.
Tel: 647 155878
EMail: sylvia4700(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

Noche del Vino in Cómpeta

Monday, 15th August will see the annual Noche del Vino.
It is now so popular that it has been granted the status of International Tourist Interest
The practice of giving our free samples of local wines was started by a local man - Aurelio Fernández Navas in 1974 & has now grown to thousands of litres of both sweet and dry wines being enjoyed by the thousands of visitors.
There will be the treading of the grapes in Plaza Vendimia; sampling the wines; tasting a dish of migas and listening to the music.
In the evening, live music and dancing will be on display in the main Plaza Almijara.
Tuesday will see an extremely empty, quiet day of recovery.............................

Weather Warning

15 Spanish provinces on weather alert High temperatures will reach 40 degrees in some areas 15 Spanish provinces are on weather alert for high temperatures this weekend, with values of up to 40 degrees centigrade possible. The highest Orange Alerts, warning of possible 40 degrees, are in force in the provinces of Badajoz and Jaén, and Civil Protection has reminded people to take a special look out for pensioners and the ill. The Spanish Meteorological Agency, AEMET, says also that there are Yellow Alerts for high temperatures in force in Ourense, Salamanca, Madrid, Cuenca, Cáceres, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Sevilla, Huelva, Cádiz, Granada, and Almería where 36 degrees could be reached. The weathermen say the rest of the country will also see a ‘light to moderate increase’ in high temperatures, except in the West of Galicia and Western Andalucía where temperatures will be unchanged. Along the Mediterranean coast strong easterly winds can be expected, especially in the Strait.

A new kind of Football Striker....

Spanish footballers call strike action! The strike call comes for the first two games of the new season in the first and second divisions The Spanish Football Players Association, the AFE, has called for strike action following the lack of agreement with the Professional Football League, LFP, over the wage round. ‘The league will not start until the new collective wage deal is signed’, said the President of the AFE, José Luis Rubiales. Such a strike would stop all first and second division games. The dispute has arisen because the AFE wants the LFP to create a ‘wage guarantee fund’ which would cover payments of 50 million € owed to first and second division players, and also wants to see clubs which have not paid their players to be sanctioned. Some players across the country have accumulated long delays in wages being paid, and the AFE claims it is being supported by players' unions in countries such as Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Holland. They say that last season ended with 50 million owed to more than 200 players. Meanwhile there has been considerable debate about new times of games which have been announced for the new season.Jaume Roures, the CEO of Mediapro has admitted that no Real Madrid or Barcelona games will start at 12 noon, one of the new times introduced this season. He justified that by saying that they are ‘superior establishments’ and that they have enormous stadia and no tradition of playing at such a time. The playing times for the first match of the season, if the strike does not go ahead, will be:- Saturday 20 August 18.00: RCD Espanyol-Granada CF. 18.00: Levante UD-Real Zaragoza. 20.00: Villarreal CF-Real Sporting de Gijón. 22.00: CA Osasuna-Valencia CF (partido en abierto). Sunday 21 August 12.00: Rayo Vallecano-RCD Mallorca. 16.00: Racing de Santander-Getafe CF. 18.00: Real Madrid-Athletic Club de Bilbao. 20.00: Málaga CF-FC Barcelona. 22.00: Real Betis-Sevilla FC. Monday 22 August 21.00: Real Sociedad-Atlético de Madrid.

American International Club

Just a reminder that the 2nd Saturday of the month, 13th of August, is the informal Coffee Gathering in Torrox Costa. It all begins at Noon at Sorpresa, on the Paseo Maritimo. Please visit our website, you will find our monthly actiivties listed and can view a map of the location of each activity.
Hope to see you there!

(Editor: on their website, they are appealing for us to provide them with recipes to go into their fund- raising Cook Book. Why not contribute!? )

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Entertainment in The Oasis, Puente Don Miguel

GUIRI are playing at the fabulous chill-out venue The Oasis in Puente Don Manuel this coming Saturday (13th August) - a great outdoor venue to enjoy a hot summer evening!
For more info: jojoabax at hotmail dot com

Airport strike called off

The unions have called off planned strike action by handling crews at Spanish airports which had been set for two 24 hour stoppages on August 18 and 26. The check-in workers and luggage handlers have been complaining that previously agreed wage agreements have not been put in place, but despite this the CCOO, UGT and USO unions ‘have signed a document calling off the strikes’, according to sources quoted by El Mundo from the USO. The unions are particularly angry at the North American company WFS, which operates handling at Barcelona-El Prat, who are accused of laying off staff despite winning more contracts. Reports indicate that the strikes have been called off after the WFS agreed to re-employ four workers who have been previously sacked. Unions remain angry at the ‘economic policies of the Ministry for Development in relation to handling’, claiming that an excess of licences are being issued, along with an excess of ERE redundancy notices. Earlier Tuesday the Spanish Federation of Travel Agents lamented the stoppage plans, saying that two million passengers would have been affected. One of them is the Pope, who arrives in Madrid on the 18th to preside the World Youth Day. A metro strike on that day in the capital, for now at least, remains in place.

Property Prices

The price of property fell steeply in July, to stand 6.4% lower than a year ago. Since 2007 property prices in Spain have fallen by an average 22.3%. In the provincial capitals, prices are now 24.6% lower than in 2007. Prices have been falling for the past seven consecutive months, although the fall since June has been more pronounced. The fall in price has been more pronounced along the Mediterranean Coast ,where the average is now down 9.5% on a year ago, according to the IMIE index drawn up by Tinsa.

Go before you go.....Common Sense reigns in Málaga

Fines of up to 750 € are to be issued on those caught urinating in the street during the Málaga Feria which gets underway on Friday. The City Hall and local businesses in the hostelry sector say more than six million will visit the fair this year. The first Feria by-laws passed by the city council on April 27 bring in the new fine for urinating in the street at 750 €, describing the offence as a ‘light infraction’ Councillor for Business Promotion and Employment, María del Mar Martín Rojo, said it would result in ‘a better development of the festivities’. Rafael Prado from the hostelry association also noted that there is a prohibition of taking glass onto the street, except on the prepared terraces, and said the by-law banning flip flops in the city centre was designed to avoid cuts and other injuries. A ban on shirtless men entering shops is also set in place. (Thank goodness! Editor) Posters have been prepared in Spanish and English explaining the new regulations. Málaga feria this year has 161 casetas, 146 of which will be installed at the night time feria site, and 15 will be in the city centre. It’s 11 more than last year.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GAS MEN, Bogus or Genuine....Editor's Contribution

The same two men are touring the area offering to check and to maintain gas bottle installations. A friend's Spanish plumber has spoken to them and it appears that they do have the right to offer their services, but it is only an offer and can be refused. It is unfortunate that they have gathered so much negative publicity (see the additional following 2 accounts); have been seen as selling their service aggressively - and -targetting non-Spaniards, that is the problem. We are advised to say "Non! Gracias" and walk away. I guess they need to reconsider their approach and if they can offer very competitive rates for their services. (Editor)

GAS MEN, Bogus or Genuine....

Yet another visit today 9th August at 15.40. An old white Renault Clio CO 5363 AF with 2 men. The driver wearing an orange polo shirt and dark trousers approached the house I called out that we had no gas, which he ignored and kept walking towards me. My husband then appeared and told him the same thing. He returned to the car where the passenger who had a small moustache and wore glasses stuck up his middle finger!

GAS MEN, Bogus or Genuine....

Today, 8th August, I was also visited by the bogus gas men. The same pair that have been going around. Small white car, orange tee-shirts, clip boards. Asked if I spoke Spanish, and I said a little, I told them I'm not interested, and I have all electric, and he pointed at my gas bbq. I still said no, so they got into their car and carried on down the road. I don't speak Spanish well enough to be able to call the police. I can't understand with all the publicity and their descriptions and car number plate, these men have not been stopped by the police??
I live in Competa , Cuesta Benamayor, I hope no one further down my road were taken in by these fraudsters.

Strikes at Spanish Airports

Two days strike action by Spanish airport ground staff announced All Spanish airports will be affected on August 18 and 26. Ground staff from handling companies at Spanish airports have announced a strike on the day that the Pope should arrive in Madrid for the World Youth Day. Unions USO, UGT and CCOO have said that they will carry out 24 hour stoppages on the 18th and 26th of August. They say that all handling companies will be affected, including the movement of suitcases, check in staff, disabled assistance, and those who operate the finger air-bridges to the planes, as well as cargo and postal services.Union bosses are meeting yesterday, Tuesday, with Aceata, the parent company of the handling sector, to try and reach an agreement on minimum services. It’s estimated that the most affected airports will be Barajas, El Prat, Palma, Málaga, Las Palmas and Tenerife. Unions claim that management has failed to meet previous agreements in the sector, and also complain about the Development Ministry issuing new handling licences and ERE early redundancy plans in the sector.

Wonderful News about your Bank Account

If you find a transaction on your bank statement & you don’t agree with it, the new Law of Payment Services allows you a period of eight weeks to reject it ! This is instead of the 30 days allowed under the previous legislation.

Metro Tickets in Madrid

Madrid there is general complaint at the decision to increase the metro ticket by 50%, with workers saying that they are the people most affected, along with those who have the least. Travellers are being advised to buy the 10 journey bono or get a season ticket to avoid the worst of the increase.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Motorbike for Sale

Hyosung Karion 125 Motorbike year 2007 petrol; private seller; low mileage, only 4400 km; orange colour; taxed until May 2012; full service history; immaculate condition; hardly used. Same owner since new and Dealer Serviced. Includes Top Box, Security Chain, 2 Helmets with bags, Tool Kit. 1750 euros ono Tel: 647 155878 Email

Dog Guard Wanted

Wanted Dog Guard suitable for RAV4 4 x 4.
Please ring 647 155878 or EMail

Special Offer on Alarms

We, at Be Alarmed, are offering free fitting on orders placed before the end of August on our auto dial burglar alarm system.
Visit our web site
or call Mick on 951 067 752 for more information.

Click here to see the Noche del Vino poster for 2011

Spending cuts to be implemented

The autonomous regions of Spain are preparing a cut in spending of 5 billion€. The cuts will, above all, affect public works, but social spending is also under threat. With a general election on the way in November the regions consider that tax rises are out of the question. All the regional administrations have been suffering a fall in income, and finding that credit is ever more complicated to obtain. José Ramón Pin, from the IESE, the Institute for Superior Business Studies, says ‘I think education and health will not be touched, but some regions could consider the co-payment as seen in Italy where patients pay 10 € when they see the doctor.Cataluña will lead the cuts, with budgets already published showing a 2.86 billion € cutback. Public works are cut but also some night time emergency services will close and some health workers face the sack.In Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, has announced a cut of 752 million €. Investments have been postponed and spending on pharmaceuticals is to be cut.

Fires Alert

Parts of Spain are on yellow alert for high temperatures from Sunday, as the mercury climbs to over 30 ºC in all of the country, except the far north where showers are expected. Alicante, Murcia, Granada and Ciudad Real are on yellow alert, with temperatures expected to reach as high as 38 degrees, according to the Spanish State Weather Agency, AEMET. A total of 25 provinces will see highs over 30. Several parts of the country are also on alert for the danger of forest fires.

Alert for killer drug

Warning as new drug is found in Spain ‘Doves Red’, a synthetic drug which has caused fatal intoxications in other countries, has arrived in Spain. It’s sold as pills which look like ecstasy and has already been linked to several intoxications and deaths in Europe. The Energy Control group (, a project from the Wellbeing and Development Association, which is dedicated to stopping the risks of drug use, has said that the drug has been seen in the Madrid region. They say it contains PMMA, an extremely toxic substance which was linked to nine deaths in Denmark last year, resulting from speed with a 5%-10% PPMA content.They advise against any sale or use given its high toxicity. PPMA has been on the banned substance list in Spain since July 15.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Recommendation needed for a good Italian Restaurant

Hi Village Know-it-All! Will you ask your subscribers if anyone can recommend a good Italian Restaurant somewhere between Nerja-Torre-Canillas please? Thanks.
(Respond to

Something for the Weekend.....

What is the most useless gadget ever made ?

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Geoff Murrell Gigs

Geoff will be playing his unique mix of pop, rock, country, swing and soul, this Thursday night (Aug 11th) in the delightful garden at The Alberdini Hotel, Competa, from 8.30pm. You can reserve a table on 952 516 294 or just come along for a drink. The Alberdini website is at
On Friday night (Aug 12th) Geoff is back at El Pino, Torrox Park. Why not come along and enjoy the best fish & chips for miles around and a chance to party to all your favourite songs? Fish and chips from only €6.95, and a free bottle of wine with every two meals. Geoff provides the music from 8.30pm. If you’d like to reserve a table, call El Pino on 952 967 063.

Friday, August 5, 2011

This Saturday, 6th August, 9pm, in the Salon de Actos, Ayuntamiento de Cómpeta, the 2011 Noche del Vino Poster will be announced!

On the 13th of August, 9pm, in the Salon de Actos, Ayuntamiento de Cómpeta, an exhibition that celebrate the Noche del Vino will be opened

Reduction in Speeds?

The DGT Central Traffic Authority has proposed reducing the speed limit on Spain’s network of secondary roads, where more than 75% of fatal traffic accidents occur, to 90 kph. EFE notes that 1,331 of the 1,730 people who were killed in traffic accidents last year lost their lives on roads with just one lane in each direction. The limit currently varies between 90 and 100 kph depending upon the width of the hard shoulder, but the DGT chief, Pere Navarro, considers it would be more simple and easier for drivers to understand if the limit was brought down to 90 across the board, as is the case in France and Portugal. It’s a proposal which has been greeted as positive by road safety associations, as a measure which will help to save lives.It’s understood that the DGT hopes the new limit can be approved in the same way as the temporary decrease to 110 kph was brought in on motorways earlier this year, via a reform of Spain’s Traffic Regulation.

the Greater "Spotted" Gas Men proliferate!

We live in the campo, halfway between Torrox and Cómpeta and received a visit from the bogus gas men at 2.30pm today.
There were two men wearing orange polo shirts bearing the word "gas" and they were driving a white Renault Clio, registration number CO 5363 AF. Of course, thanks to information received via this publication, we were aware of the situation regarding the "bogus gas men" when they rung the door bell and asked if this was "the name of our house" (funny that, considering they had just driven past a sign saying the name!). Both spoke to us only in Spanish, and they were of Spanish appearance. The man in the photo on the left wears glasses.
We told them that we were an all electric household and had no gas. They left immediately. As they were walking away, I grabbed my camera and photographed them. We will report this to the Guardia Civil in Cómpeta tomorrow morning.
I want to know why are the authorities are doing nothing about this when repeatedly presented with such evidence?
Just to let you know the Gas Men have been touting for business today in the Pavo area.

On the one hand, petrol is cheaper.....

The price of petrol has fallen slightly over the first week of August, by 0.15%, but despite this the cost of filling your tank compared to a year ago is between 16% and 18% more expensive on average, according to data from the European Union. A litre of petrol is now 1.35€ whilst diesel is 1.28€, as crude prices for Brent have fallen.

No "High Hopes" in Spain

53% of the Spaniards questioned think that the worst of the crisis is still to come. The number comes from the Eurobarometer, published by the European Commission, which has admitted the situation in Italy and Spain is worrying. The barometer interviewed 31,769 people across Europe between May 6 and 26

Trip to Carratreca

Trapiche Social Club near Velez Malaga are organising a trip to La Luna Morain Carratreca It is the Moors & Christians Fiesta on 9th September - there are candle lit streets and food and craft stalls everywhere a wonderful experience. Cost of the coach is €12.
Please book soon numbers are limited. Call our dedicated bookings line 680764130
Gerry, Social Secretary

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Info Please - Varifocal Spectacles

Does anyone know if it cheaper to get prescription varifocal glasses in Spain or in the UK?
rob8john at gmail dot com

The continuing Gas Men Saga

Just to let you know 2 gas men called, told to go away in white cleo with MA plates. Cruz del Monte Competa

Ww wish to be anonymous

Cost of living - and an incidental smile......

Sardines have jumped in price in July, up 8.12% over just a month ago, while tomatoes and green peppers have fallen in price by about 6%. The item which has increased most in price over the past year is the Canary Island banana, now 24.47% more expensive than 12 months ago

Two Protected Iberian Lynx found dead in Sevilla

One had more than thirty lead pellets in its body The Junta de Andalucía reported this Tuesday that two Iberian Lynx have been found dead in Sevilla province, one which is believed to have been run over by a motorist and another which was shot. More than thirty lead pellets were found in its body.Sources at the Junta’s environmental department described shooting an Iberian Lynx as a ‘despicable crime’ which is punishable by law. Investigations are now underway to try and identify the person responsible. The EFE news agency notes it as the second case this year. The body of an adult female was found with shotgun pellets in her body in Villamanrique de la Condesa, Sevilla, in January. The second animal reported dead was found on Monday on the A-49, the motorway between Sevilla and Huelva. The Iberian Lynx is one of the most endangered species of feline in the world, and is protected by law in Spain. Some 80 animals make up the lynx population in Doñana. The bodies of at least six which did not meet a natural death have been found in the area so far this year.

Unemployment falls

Unemployment fell in July by 42,000 according to the latest numbers from INEM, but it still shows more than four million out of work at 4,079,742, and registered at the employment agency offices. It’s the fourth consecutive month to see a fall, but the fall is less pronounced than a year ago. Over the past four months 250,000 have found work. The start of the high tourist season is being seen responsible for July’s improvement.

Pension Reforms

Students and orphans are set to benefit from the pension reform which comes into effect from today. Two years of practices can now count towards a pension and the orphan’s pension will be paid until the age of 21.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Todo Papel Closed Today (Tuesday)

Please note we will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd August, but will be open as normal again on Wednesday.
Alick & Debbie
Avenida de la Constitución, 31
Tel:- (0034) 952 55 37 55

Meson Morisco closed?

(Helpful feedback from a VKiA subscriber. Thanks to J&G T. Editor)
Re this mornings Villlage Know It all blog and the restaurant recommendations - Meson Morisco in Sayalonga has mysteriously closed down. Acoustic Roots went there Friday night to play and found it all shut up and it has been thus for about two weeks apparently.............

Less hospital beds available.

Being admitted to hospital in Andalucía is more complicated from Monday with the closure of 1,790 beds.

Just when you thought nothing would surprise you....

200 portable confessional units for the Pope's visit
The 200 portable confessional units are being made to be placed on the Paseo de Coches in Madrid for the Pope’s visit later this month.They are being built and Ávila and will be put in place a week before the pontiff’s arrival, allowing the public to confess in as many as 20 languages from 10am to 10pm between Tuesday 16 and Friday 19, and between 10am and 12 noon on Saturday 20. The organisation says that more than 2,000 priests are taking part on a rota.